We went from the worst weapon stats UI to one of the best i've even seen

That’s kinda it, i’m amazed by how clear the new stats UI is and i’m thanksful Fatshark listened to the feedback to give us this


I mostly agree even though I still don’t know how exactly is a 63% in the damage stat affecting my overall capacity, like is it already included in the damage value of the weapon overhaul or something?

to put it simply, the rewwork is much more cleaner and explicite on the detailed panel, but the 6 little variable are still pretty much obscure.

You can inspect the weapon by pressing V to get a TON of valuable infos about what damage you’ll get exactly from which stat


The new UI is pretty awesome! - It would be still nice to see damage numbers, but it’s already a massive leap.

you can see dmg numbers in the Inspect menu. and you could see it in action in the Meat Grinder

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Did not realize this, thanks!


To answer this question, the damage value it shows is you is the Damage % stat + the First Target % stat.
So if you’re confused why sometimes a weapon has higher Damage % value than another of the same type, but it’s damage output is lower, then it’s because it has lower First Target % bonus.

Where this matters: Weapons meant for Horde Clear, such as the Power Hammer, benefit from a mucher higher Damage % stat than a First Target % stat. So compare the stats in detail and make then your informed decision what to pick.

Power Hammer 1: 250 overall Damage, 80% Damage stat, 52% First Target
Power Hammer 2: 270 overall Damage, 68% Damage stat, 80% First Target

At first glance Power Hammer 2 looks better than Power Hammer 1, but in truth Power Hammer 1 is better, because you’ll be dishing out the 250 damage to all cleaved targets and the first target, whereas Power Hammer 2 will deal 270 damage to the first target but only 230 or so to cleaved targets.

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I agree. As a beta tester, I was absolutely FLOORED when I logged in yesterday and saw all sorts of statistical information about my weapons. I can’t even begin to express how much better this has made the game for my Veteran and Ogryn, both of whom relay on their ranged weapons as much as their melee ones.

I feel like I can actually do my job as a Veteran now that I was able to get the information I need to select a weapon that actually fits how I want to play that character. This was a FANTASTIC change.

Thanks for listening to the community!

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To add to this, most damage stats are multiplicative with each other eg damage, cleave damage, penetration, and first target, so be aware that weapons with more than one of those stats have high scaling potential. Also the damage stat on ranged weapons kinda double dips itself against unarmoured targets.

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The new detailed UI is crazy good, thanks for that!

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It is just awesome!
A W E S O M E. D R A G O N T A S T I C.
The Omnissiah is pleased.

Such things (beside the gameplay loop and others) are the reason I even can put up with missing things/ features, like the crafting system or principles gone wrong, like the premium currency shop.

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Definitely the best (and possibly only) improvement we saw going into “release”.


Agreed, I was very happy to see that much detail.

I was mostly hoping for numeric replacement of the slider and a breakdown of the weapon rating, but I was blown away by how much info they decided to add in.

I agree that this is a huge step forward and improvement.

I disagree on how clear the stats are. They aren’t clear at all.

With these values, I have no idea what the value of the trade off between a % of damage and a % of “Critical Bonus” or “Warp Charge”. I don’t know how much 20% damage adds to my damage. I don’t know how my other stats influence the damage calculation. I don’t know if there’s any realistic benefit between 50% and 100% “Quell Speed” since I have no idea what units the % are in.

This new stat system can only clearly do one thing well: tell if a single category is worse or better than the item you compare it to. And if that’s damage, the bars would’ve accomplished the same goal.

So, this is unfortunately another facade that hides the true values, and they’re doing it so that people like me can’t figure out the optimal spread of values given an item rating that I want. Which, unfortunately if I and others cannot figure out a way to optimize our characters and play styles, will go play other games that seem to actually trust their players enough to make decisions with detailed stat explanations and numbers.

If you press V to inspect the weapon, you have the full stats calculations with how much dmg the weapon delas and how much dmg are affected by which type of armor, very clear and precise infos


Honestly, the only thing I could ask of it beyond what’s already there is some cleave data… but I can see how trying to fit that into the table would be prohibitive