Weapon stats should be numbers, not meters

As title, there needs to be either hard numbers given for weapon stats or the meter needs to have clear indicators like a ruler for the sake of readability. Comparing weapons needs to give clear indicators for which specific stats on a weapon are higher or lower. There’s already so much obfuscation about what the stats mean, the actual values of those stats being vague and immeasurable on top of it makes it useless to consider weapon choice in the first place. What does a higher “Cleave” stat do? Is it actually higher? Will the difference have a tangible impact? Who knows!

Nothing is explained, and the only way to tell if it’s actually stronger is to buy it and use it. At that point, what are the meters even for?


Just an upvote and a bump for this one, please do add numbers or something, since right now to see if something is a slight improvement I need to (in theory) take a very psychical ruler and measure length of the bars - or make a print screen and measure their pixel length in image editor.

While at it, some tooltips do require a bit more info on them such as “Surgical” that “+x% Critical Chance while aiming. Builds Stacks over time. Stacks 5 times.” It does not tell how long it takes to build up single stack though.

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I agree.
The bars are too unintuitive, and there’s no tooltips to explain anything.
I still have 0 clue what ‘Soulblaze’ does for a Psyker.

And if two weapons have the same stat, it should show which is higher, and by how much, when compared.

So, for your sake as far as I know Soulblaze is a very weak dot effect, though I have no idea if it has any other interactions such as - increasing damage of other spells against targets affected by it.

Thank you.
I was going to try and build towards Soulblaze, but it’s just sounding more and more…meh.
I mean, Psyker’s powers as a whole don’t seem to level-scale, which makes me sad.

Give numbers. It’s plain stupid not to.
There is zero reason not to other than a lack of faith in the very system or mechanics that have been implemented.

Another scenario: The community datamines the information ourselves, create third party tools for optimization and then you (Fatshark) roll out nerfs and changes as a response to counter “toxicity”.

Give us the baseline information in the first place and save everyone, both developers and customers, a metric ton of time.

I agree, “we need numbers”. Here a screenshot showing how hard it can be sometimes to see if one weapon has the same stats or a slightly better/worst. I just added red boxes to show how small is the difference sometimes.

this would be nice to do
maybe a hover over it and a No# comes up to says what is it
Just replace it with a No#

I second this, it would be nice to get numbers!

We got them now. Pretty much the only good thing they did on the realese patch among a lot of bad/meh stuff.
But now at least the weapon inspect window is great