Weapon stat "bars" inconsistent(Psyker)

There are a few other posts about this but I wanted to confirm from a Psyker weapon perspective that stat bars don’t seem to represent what we think they should in game terms. Similar weapons with different bar levels appear to do wildly different amounts of dmg/stagger/etc. Often a weapon of much lower level is much more effective then a weapon of higher grade and stats for no visible reason.

Adding actual numbers attached to each stat would go a long way in helping players understand weapon comparison.

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the all bars stats just sucks honestly, dont show you real / true dmg. Often i have feeling like gun for hypothetical example with 280 power (more dmg bar) doing less real dmg than weapon with 240 power.

the current showing of weapon stats is terrible, doesn’t explain much.

So far, the reasoning for this appears to be “because players will just use the most optimal weapons” if they show the actual stats.

That’s a strange conclusion to reach, because the actual conclusion should be to track weapon usage and then either buff or nerf over/under performers until everything is viable. Not try to make average weapons viable via stat obfuscation.

The community will find a ‘meta’ no matter what, so I’m not sure what’s really being gained here unless someone takes an interest in making confusing UX decisions.


My assumption is that they want varying levels on weapon stats for when you can later improve them via the foundry that you see Hadron in. Meaning higher bars = less total resources to improve?

So in other words, a money sink.