Weapon stats are almost certainly not working as intended

So I went into the Psykhanium to test out this sweet new staff I got and uhhhhh well see for yourself:


  1. Obtain 2 weapons of the same type with different stats
  2. Enter the Psykhanium (I don’t think difficulty matters but I chose difficulty 3)
  3. Equip the weapon with the lower stat of your choice (in this test I chose hero power, but you’ll notice the damage is also lower)
  4. Shoot the reaper in the chest and note the damage number
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other weapon
  6. Brain explosion?

HD version should be processed at some point soon but I wanted to get this up while it’s on my mind


Hey was looking at your video. And I have a theory about it.

I think the bars are working allright. I think the problem here is with the +4% Ranged Damage (Elites) modifier. The Ogryn are elites so it applies to them.

Now it would appear that the 4% is instead applying 40%. The math checks out. 130~ *1.40 = 182~.
That would be the actual bug right there if my theory is correct.

I just tested that and it does the same thing to non-elites

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The bars are definitely wrong, and/or wonky. Really wish there were simple numbers (or number ranges) for the weapon stats.

This is not a picture I took, but was shared to me to show me not to use the bars for definitive proof of upgrades.

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There was an earlier bug report that suggests this modifier wise. Namely the buff damage effects with +4/+6/+8% damage buff add +40/+60/+80% respectively while the +10% one works as intended

You’re comparing two different guns there (mk 2 and mk 5)


It does the same to non-elites

Can you do me a favor? Could you upload a new video of this kind of test, but this time inbetween switching between the two weapons of the same type, you exit and re enter the Psykhanium?

Just give us numbers

Thanks for the reply!

I tried everything I could to see if it was just a UI visual bug, switching characters, switching weapons before entering the Psykhanium, relaunching, and got the same results upon multiple relaunches and swaps between Psykhanium sessions.

My apologies for the lack of video but I discarded both weapons from the video during last nights game session cause I decided the recon lasgun is better than any staff, especially for gaining those sweet sweet warp charges :slight_smile:

I will do my best to do additional testing and recording when I get a suitable set of weapons.

Also on the topic of lasguns, I recently received a blue recon lasgun that is absurdly more powerful than any other in its power range, I’m talking 1250dps - compared to 600ish and I’ve compared it to 2 other recently discarded recon lasguns around its hero power. It might even be stronger than the Orange one on my Veteran. There doesn’t seem to be any defining feature of it that would make it so strong, it just fires slightly slower on average but does a tremendous amount of damage per shot.

Thanks for any insight on this and let me know anything else I can do in terms of testing or feedback.

Just did another test between my absurdly-strong-for-no-reason lasgun and one I just got, hopefully I understood your request correctly and this video illustrates what I’m talking about!


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In both of your tests you have increased elite damage on the weaker gun, that’s why it does more damage.

Weapon stats scales on their own model and a difference of two letter wide is barely nothing therefor your 4/6% elite damage makes the difference.

Try on an armored dreg so they don’t die in a single shot. The weaker gun should do less damage.
Either way, modifiers are very important and the calcul is probably making them a bit more important than what they are.

He says in his second comment that the discrepancy remained with non-elites. Did you miss that or am I confused?

+x% Power vs perks seem to be bugged atm and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. If there’s any other case/example of weapon stats not working properly that does not involve a power vs interaction, please post them here, preferably with evidence.

@Catz Thank you for the second video, the Psykhanium exit and re-enter thing was to make sure that a bug wasn’t affecting the outcome, but it seems that that bug has already been fixed or never made it to live.

Can you tell me what information you’re using to determine how weapon stats scale? How on earth do you know what difference the bar makes in determining a stat?