Understanding weapons

I am not sure if this is a bug (seems like it), but the weapon stats are not making sense.

For the below, I use the gun on the right as it consistently has higher damage output. As to why, I have no idea. Looking at the actual numbers in the meat grinder the one on the left can do a first shot on a scab gunner for 160, while the one on the right will get 256. With a delta that heavy, it clearly is no the +10% damage to maniacs. (plus the +1 stamina for sure does not happen). Am I crazy, or bug?

It appears as if the weapon stats are only useful for comparing the same weapons. Comparing the bars from two different weapons is apples to oranges.

Seems counterintuitive and forces you to Meatgrind check every weapon which got tedious quickly.


one is a MG Ia, and the other is a MG XII, they are different weapons like how there are 4 different axes

They also have different keywords which seem to affect their baseline stats before taking bar levels into account.
Left has Versatile (??? quick to pull out?) and High Capacity.
Right has High Damage and High Capacity.

I’ve noticed that there is Fast Firing and Torrent, where Torrent is just Faster Firing.

It’s not a bug, devs are just doing a rushed cashgrab for the holidays and can’t implement basic shlt they had in Vermintide like an end of game stats screen


Honestly the bars are beyond useless. :confused:

was worried about that. Annoying that the rating is also very useless. It makes purchasing at the vendor a gamble sometimes too, which is very annoying.

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