Weapon balancing (with example picture)

So while leveling Ogryn i stumbled upon this

On the right you see a level 2 MKII Ripper gun that with a 15% damage roll has 30% more damage per shot that the MK V lv6 ripper gin with an 32% damage roll.
The Weapon Modifiers still feel like complete arbitrary BS.
No Hate all Love here i really like the game but i vote to Rebrand to Betatide.

Huh? It’s a completely different Ripper Gun, Mk V vs. the MkII, you said it yourself. Just because the “mark” is higher doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be “better”, nor does the level at which you got it really change anything other than the potential rolls. You’re comparing apples to oranges.


As I understand it, the weapon modifiers affect stats in a set range for a specific weapon type.

So, when you have two identical guns, and one has 30% damage, and the other has 60% damage - that does not mean that the second gun does 30% more damage. It might only be like, 10% more, or less.

And if you have a gun with a 70% damage roll, it might well do less damage than a different but similar type of weapon that has a 50% damage roll.

The whole UI for this stuff is mental. The stat system is a confusing mess and honestly I have no idea what they were thinking.

This video may make what I am saying clearer, I don’t know how accurate it is, because the whole thing is an orgy of underlying stats and modifiers and goat sacrifice.

yeah but thats the problem where are the differences? on paper on the stat sheets those 2 guns are the same execpt the name! so where are the differences? rof? pellet count? same goes for a lot of other weapons! these stats tell me virtually nothing about the capabilities of the different MK variants of the weapons.

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thats my point this whole system is convoluted mess that tells us next to nothing.
they could atleast make the % values accurate like 10 more ammo% actually means 10% more and not 2%

I feel like you’ve gone a bit too deep for the OP; all they need to know is different gun, different balance, and to hyperfocus a bit less on damage per shot.

The stat distribution system isn’t necessarily complex (take rating, distribute randomly to the 5 stats below, and use that number to grab the value from a range for each one), though the formulas involved to calculate damage can get pretty intimidating. Especially so since pretty much all the information from Jsat’s video there is now in-game at the stats screen.

@PrinzStoney Do us a favor and hit V when you’ve got a weapon selected. It can be one of your own weapons or one from the shop. Hover over stuff, it’ll tell you more. Try not to get frightened by all the numbers.


I described the system, which directly follows on from the observations the OP made. I’ll let the OP decide for themselves what they need to know, thanks.

I like complex stats, I dislike poorly represented complex stats. These percentages are rendered meaningless by the underlying ranges they represent.

yeah mor einfo wuhu still no answer to where the difference between mkII and mkV is…
and please keep the condescending crap to yourself

Each Mk has different base stats. The Mk V would have a base damage around 210 and the Mk2 has a base damage of around 346. They probably have different fire rates to make them feel “different”.

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You have all the information you need from what you’ve learned here to come to a consensus yourself.

I disagree. You have base stats for each weapon “Mark”, and then rolls that modify these base stats. You can go into Inspect mode (default key is V) in your inventory and mouse over the stat bars to see the actual range showing by how much the base stats are modified.

I agree though that stats should be shown as base+modified on mouse over.

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I don’t recall which of the ripper guns is which off the top of my head because I don’t like them, but there’s pretty noticeable differences between them.

EG: One of them is more of a machine gun and has a 3 round burst and fires quickly with its right click PEWPEWPEW mode, another fires a 2 round burst and is C H O N K Y and fires slower in its right click mode with a wider spread, and another functions more like a burst fire MG IIRC.

The MK system is pretty annoying though, I’ll agree with the OP on that. I literally write down which MKs of weapons I like on a sheet on my desk, which is ridiculous to have to do.

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This is known. I’m not saying you can’t figure it out, I’m saying the upfront numbers, particularly as percentages, are meaningless. It has misled many new players, and it’s bad UX/UI practise.

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just try them.

some have 2 burst, some have 3 burst. some are more precise, some are not.

Foe-Rend Mk II:
High Damage, low Accuracy. Horde killer.
3 Round Burst Primary-Fire
2 Round Burst Alt-Fire (Full Auto, wide Spread)

Foe-Rend MK V:
Precise, Quick. Boss killer.
3 Round Burst Primary-Fire.
3 Round Burst Alt-Fire (Full Auto)

Foe-Rend MK VI:
Allrounder, Ammo efficient.
2 Round Burst Primary-Fire
3 Round Burst Alt-Fire

(Found Here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTide/comments/zct99b/difference_between_ogryn_ripper_guns/ )

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thanks mate thats exactly what i meant those differences in the different mk variants.
and to the just try then… nah bruv these are the main differences between the guns that i expect to be visible in the stats.
I mean the alt fire of the ripper guns isnt some gimmick but a mayor part of the gameplay loop of those weapons and to hide the stats is atleast for me bad design.

Is it maybe visible when you inspect it?

nope sadly not (didnt get a mkVI yet)

You can hover over the Icons and all that, and you can press [Tab] for more Details.
Does it show something when you hover over your Attack Chains maybe?

attack patterns is just a breakdown of the damage against the different armor types and weakspots/crits

for the other context menues that you can hover over its just a breakdown of the stats (base + modifiers ) the only one that mentions braced(alt fire) is stability

yeah thats stupid then. should show the fire-pattern too.