Ripper Gun Gets Weaker at Higher Mark Values

The Ogryn Ripper Gun seems to get weaker with higher mark values. For example, my blue Foe-Rend Mk II is more powerful (468 damage at 62% damage stat) than my purple Mk VI (285 damage at 35% damage stat) or the store’s blue Mk V (326 damage at 76% damage stat).


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Just noticed it today, 5 Dec 2022.

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So far, Constant (100%).

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Edit: added another screenshot of a shop item comparison.

You’re comparing a MKII ripper gun to other patterns of ripper gun. They differ in firing modes and damage and accuracy tradeoffs.

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That’s… very non-intuitive. It’s like having Death Rifle 3.0 do less damage than a Death Rifle 2.1 - most people would expect items with names that differ only by a number to be upgrades.

In fact, I spoke with six or seven other Ogryn players and not one of them thought of that as a possible explanation. Further, one brought up the fact some of them seemed to fire differently, and all of us figured it was just a bug.

If you inspect your weapon it’ll explain that the Mk system means that all weapons of a same Mk (Mk2, Mk4 etc.) operate the same and are distinguished by stats whereas the same weapon type of a different Mk has different base functionality, usually fire rate or burst vs full auto or attack patterns on melee weapons.


In fact it does not. All it says is that weapons of the same mark have the same base behavior. Which I took to mean there’s no randomization of base stats. It says nothing about how different mark versions are related.

Again, in every game I can bring to mind at the moment, two weapons with the same name except for a different number are just different power levels. If you change a common game mechanic, you need to be more explicit than a small bit of gray on black text that is itself ambiguous.

Originally, the lore blurbs on weapons would go into detail about how a given MK was different than others, especially with the ripper guns and accatran recon rifles. With the detailed view of weapons update we lost the lore blurbs. Either way, higher numbers of MK do not imply better performance, just a different variation of a weapon that borders on being considered a separate weapon type altogether.