Different Mark Differences?

Is there a wiki or something for info on the different marks? I wanted to try out the new heavy sword buff on Zealot but I didn’t know which mark I should be gambling on.

This is good for ranged weapons:


you want the 9 if that helps, it’s the best introduction and probably all round hsword imo. you want a + damage/+ power blessing, i think headtaker can roll on that one, and deathblow.


Ty for the info, saw the buff on the special attack and wanted to give it a whirl

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I remembered the difference between the lasguns but that was it, ty for the link.

Here’s some goofy Ogryn knowledge, since that guide doesn’t care about him.

Mk 2 Ripper has the highest damage, but a slightly slower rate of fire. It has 3 round burst and when braced will fire 2 round burst or full auto if held down, with a wide shot pattern on both.

Mk 5 Ripper has less damage, but fires pellets closer to the middle of the crosshair giving it very deceptive ranged damage. It can reliably kill Damnation snipers 50m away with 2 shots. It has 3 round burst whether you brace or not, but full auto on braced if you hold down.

Mk 6 Ripper has the damage scale of the Mk 5 Ripper and a 2 round burst, but it throws shot like the M2 from hipfire. If you brace it is more accurate, similar to Mk 5. It only has 3 round burst when braced.

As for the knives, Bull Butcher has Vanguard for its light attacks so it has slightly better cleave/base damage. The Krourk cleavers have Assassin, so they deal better headshot/crit damage. They also made them slightly better against carapace/flak recently (L3 on Mk6, L2 and L3 on Mk4).


Unfortunately they also have super wonky headshot hitboxes. I think it’s torso prioritisation rearing its ugly head once again. Lots of Ogryn melee suffers from that unfortunately.


The weirdest thing going from the evciserator to the heavy sword is that the sword actually hits heads? I always assumed that I wasn’t always hitting heads because of a skill issue but I’m not so sure anymore. It is incredibly annoying attacking ogryns though, as since they have stumpy necks some attacks are really hard to hit their heads with (especially the Crusher, which is funny as thats arguably the most important one to hit).

So the MK 6 is useless compared to the other 2 more specialized ones? Also I appreciate the info, as Ogryn is probably the next class I’d want to get to 30.

Basically. Prior to the January update Mk 5 Ripper had less Ammo stat than the other 2, but after they gave it the same reserves as the other 2 there isn’t any actual reason to use Mk 6. I think the Mk 2 and 6 should have the same damage model, the 5 is great where its at and probably one of the more entertaining guns to use overall.

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Thanks for the tip, was excited to use the Ripper Gun but heard it wasn’t great, got excited again after I saw the buffs. I’m assuming there’s still no real reason to use it over the Thumper (thats the grenade gauntlet everyone uses, right?) other than for fun?

Personally I still think Ripper is meh, but better now w/ reworked Blaze Away, though limited by massive recoil and still-low ammo. But then there are 2 big buffing bugs right now…

Rumbler is the grenade launcher game in this game (Thumper is the m79 Vietnam-era nickname for it), best of all apparently the Rending is actually Brittle!
The Grenade Gauntlet is top-tier too, the 2 fill slightly different roles.

Kickback seems a lot more usable now, better than Ripper, just don’t ADS w/ Blaze Away. Its immense stopping/knockdown power even if a weak pellet hits at range makes it useful.

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The kickback isnt just a meme weapon? I thought it was useless since it has bad ap. Its fun to chunk stuff but the RoF made me think it was all around worse than the ripper.

Meh, Kickback can throw enemies to the ground like his dash but Rippergun (and any Ogryn ranged for that matter) has incredible control too. Just tap dogs and they’re stunned, 1 burst will make a Reaper stop shooting and a second will floor him, throws trapper/flamers/shotgunners/really anyone with a gun to the ground just like Kickback. But there’s a big difference between 36 ammo and 170+, especially with canceling bursts (which makes it amazingly underrated for killing shooters, since a burst is overkill). That is basically the niche it fills, something with more damage to throw out than GG and similar range, without going all in on CC and not actually killing stuff like Rumbler/Kickback. Stubber still feels horrible to use because of the trigger delay for me but it does have an easy carry loadout (charmed + blaze away).

Enlighten me on how to do this please

Start sprinting during the fire animation or swap weapons. The swap I find handy since it toggles the melee swap range on shooter enemies back to your favor, suppress/kill and close the gap and the stragglers will follow you into melee.

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Really happy you decided to comment on this thread, Ripper is my favorite of the Ogryn’s ranged weapons style wise and I appreciate all the tips and stuff to help me optimize it

I’m wondering though if the cancel “tricks” ever get fixed, if Ripper and Thammer will fall out of favor; most still don’t know these “tricks” or the broken blessings (now 2 of 'em) for Ripper.

Oof this alone makes the stubber unusable for me in pugs, and don’t forget the god-awful accuracy. Don’t get me started…

Well the thunder hammer one is for sure a glitch because they made sprint/quick swap and last wield all leave you hit lagged with hammer, they just forgot primary wield (1).

The Ripper one would make them pretty trash, not for ammo consumption but because its like a half second burst on the Ripper Mk2, that is entirely too long to be locked out of other actions. Similarly I feel the Headhunter autogun with 2 round would be even less usable if you couldn’t do that, though its kinda hard to run out of ammo with it now so maybe I’m still too used to the old style. I feel like if no one ever cared about it in VT2 (this was the only ‘usable’ way to run shadepeater, imo) why remove it now when only 1 underused ogryn weapon really benefits.

I mean they could just properly “fix” the damned Ripper instead of relying on glitches and “tricks”. Could have doubled the ammo and called it a day with the new reworked blessings, though I hope the bugged ranged Rending stays. And yeah the burst lockout is detrimental, but again I don’t see anyone single shotting it.

You know how people seem to hate shield ogryns because there’s a good chance they’re just gonna turtle up?
In my experience it’s practically the same with ripper and stubber users; they’re using ranged melee weapons that use up valuable ammo and very often don’t offer any benefits over them switching to melee and taking 2 steps forward. I swear it’s like 80% of them even on Damnation. Even worse with the Stubber because of the long-ass initial delay, most lose all their toughness and 1 bar of health before they even start shooting. The bracing delay on the ripper could go tweaked too…