Marks with higher number should not always be stronger

As in lore indicated it is not the higher the number goes,the more powerful your mark is
For example mark II crusader armour is overhaul considered the most efficient poweramour by many,because its mobility and a efficient power system.Mark III Iron armour has the best frontal protection out of all marks despite it is just (mark III),etc.etc
But here,except very few exceptions like the heavysword MK VII,argueable the kantrael MK IV(or the fast firing one),any marks with lower number inevitable become a worse version of its higher number cousins.Which,is both lorebreaking and a fun killer,it killed the diversity of weapon choice and the build posibility according to them.
If we need some rework then pls rework how diferent paterns of weapons ACTUALY works diferently,not (the bigger your number the bigger your pp)

they’re not.

the MKV combat axe is considered the best combat axe, the MKI catachan sword is considered the best catachan sword, the MKII tactical axe is considered the best tactical axe, MKI infantry autogun and MKVII headhunter are considered the best in their respective classes.

so no, higher MK doesn’t = better.


I think I overlooked something here
But I do expect something furthermore,that (no specific mark being just primus in pares),but diferent marks just work diferently and has their upside/downside.Like the MK III Iron,it trade mobility and rare protection for frontal protection
So we can have more builds around more usable paterns of weapons without intentionaly gimp ourselves


For ranged weapons there should be one high rof, one high damage, and one in between. In principle they should each be viable but in practice people seem to favor the high damage one for ammo efficiency.

Melee weapons as far as I can tell change up the moveset, but don’t have such a clear cut theme.

Another couple of examples would be the Mark II Ripper and Mark III Cleaver for Ogryn. Both deal roughly 50% more damage than other Marks.

Yeah, generally speaking the melee weapons have a greater degree of viable patterns where the guns usually only have one. The blue patter (high rof, low damage) are, to my knowledge, all terrible at high difficulty due to bad TTK and bad ammo economy. The Agripina MK1 infantry Autogun is the only middle of the road pattern that is good. Maybe the lucius too? Dunno.

In theory the design of weapons in general seems to center around whether or not they are good at close or long range and whether or not they are good against elites/specials or hordes. Most horde clear ranged weapons except the flamer and maybe Heavy Stubber are horribly inferior due to the inefficient ammo usage. And those weapons do not even have other patterns!