Are stat bars deceptive

I am starting to believe that chasing high stat weapons is actually a trap.

The weapon with 80% does 293 weakspot damage to a reaper, the 39% one does 263 weakspot damage to the reaper.

Both weapons take 9 hits to kill the reaper (heresy)

What actually makes these weapons different, and therefore ‘better’ than the other is the blessings. One has Brutal Momentum so it is amazing at dealing with hordes. The other is an armor killer

The stat bars though? They feel like they make such a tiny difference it doesn’t actually matter when Im in the thick of it. Both weapons feel like they perform the same when I am in game.

What are your thoughts?

I mean, you can see a full breakdown of what each stat bar affects in the inspect screen. Some of them have a pretty substantial range between 0-80. But yeah, breakpoints do be breakpoints and dealing more damage than the health pool of your target doesn’t really help anybody. Typically as long as the modifier rating of a weapon is above 300 and doesn’t have a silly distribution it’ll be perfectly fine for Heresy and Damnation.


I mean, this is why I’m bewildered by the community’s crying over getting “decent” rolls. What matters is breakpoints (just like VT) and damage only matters if the weapon can reach a different breakpoint or whatnot.

As you said, blessings can matter a lot more. Some weapons have secondary stats that matter more as well like burn on flamers. The reason the blessings on the orange are rated higher though I think is because they are of a higher “tier” indicated by the hash marks on the edges.

As it was in V2, it is all about breakpoints. If you cannot hit them with better stat weapon anyway, then perks and blessings are far more important. Frankly people obssess about getting the best stats too much. Just play the game and enjoy the experience.

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“decent rolls”
because the other blessings are locked after you switch one, its insane.


I guess that’s where the difference lies.

The problem is we can’t test breaking points properly without having perfect rolls on certain weapon stats AND the right perks ('xept one) AND they need to have a perfect rating…

Like a week ago i saw a youtube video doing a deep dive into how those stats relate into numbers how its calculated and what effect on the gameplay that has.

This crap is its own field of scientific study …

Half an hour of the highly refined A U T I S M, but it actually made me understand a lot more things.

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Are you completing Heresy and Damnation runs without perfect stats weapons? So what is the problem?


If you are testing vs Scab Rager, Scab Rager is Flak armored , you got 20% extra damage. this could be why.