Details, stats, explanation, pls!

New player here.
Can we PLEEEEASE have more details in… well… everything?

I love theorycrafting / min maxing in games with an RPG esque talent / gear system, but it makes it really hard to do in games when:

A( No base stats are shown (as far as a I know).
B( Some(?) passives / talents can’t be tested(can’t stack trophy hunter / crippling wounds doesn’t show extra damage on dummies).
C( Talents with a lot of guess work (EG. just drunk enough and grudge-borne both give temp health, but how much? is it percentage based?).
D( Do career’s have different base stats?
F( is " +X% crit chance" additive or multiplicative?

I have so many question, and non of them can be answered without lots of in game testing, which i really don’t have time for.
So please, add more details to the game.

P.S I love the game and can’t wait to see how it grows in the coming months.

P.P.S (Please note that I only have played bardin slayer, and all the examples giving might just be bugs with the dummies / career it self)

P.P.P.S buff slayer plox :^)

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