A lot of talents simply dont work or are at least not noticeable

I like the concept with the talents and classes but so far it feels like a lot of the stuff simply doesn’t work or has no impact at all. As example (btw. all my Information comes from test with 600 Power characters):

  • No actual damage increase with skills like warmaiden 15% power or krubers 25% power increase after dash.
  • A lot of range increase stuff isn’t doing anything at all or at least the indicator doesn’t show it.
  • Bardins Boss Taunt isn’t working.
  • Dash Distance and move speed boni aren’t noticeable at all.
  • Unchained Ulti Deals basicly no damage at all even with nearly full charge.
  • Healing talents like get x health while invisible are completly pointless cause it only gives a small amount of temporary health like the lvl 20 talent.

Besides that it would also be really nice to have exact numbers on all the descriptions it is so hard to understand what you actualy get. Best example is Saltpyres Crit Buff… i have not the slightest clue how much crit it gives or the slayer defensiv stacks… how much do i get?

I really like the game so far but this point of the game is overall pretty frustrating. I hope it will get fixed in the future.

So what are your thoughts about this topic and did you find different stuff that isn’t working properly?

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