I hope to see a far better Talent system in release

The talents in the game currently, well, sort of suck. A lot of them are quite boring and shallow, being generic “increase X stat by X”. These are inherently boring talents that barely really change your gameplay. I hope to see talents that are more gameplay-impacting. Considering we only unlock talents every 5 levels and they’re on tiers of three selections, I hope FatShark can create talents that are more powerful and more playstyle-altering. Choices should be hard to make on each tier and each tier should give you something powerful while also forcing you to pick what you want to gain- and what you want to pass up.

Essentially, talents should be interesting and change your gameplay in at least some basic or small way. Talents like “5% to Crit Chance” or whatever generic stat battery you can imagine are very lame. Make talents fun, damn it.


Release was today so…

But I do agree that the talents in the current form are just blah. Reminds of WoWs old talent trees, full of boring crap that, while making your character more powerful, are just boring as hell.

Devs do need to relook at them.

i disagree with the talent system, vermintide’s core strength is in mastering basic combat. i see the talent system as a motivator to play the game more and level, but right now there’s a lot of unecessary perks. if fatshark has some sort of analytics on what players picked for their talents, they probably will see the huge discrepency btw what is popular and what’s not

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The talent system should be a place where you make meaningfull choices for a certain map. It should make you feel powerfull when you reach the breakpoint levels, not some random 10% more dodge range (Which is nothing by the way). And diversity between the classes and not 2/6 of the talents being more or less identical.
You should be able to cater to 2-3 different playstyles based on weapons/gear/traits and find a meaningfull place within your group.

At this moment I feel the game is so close to being mainstream and could become very competetive and popular if these basic things where looked at after the crash patches has come out.

“i don’t know how to utilise this talent, so i’ll just call it crap”

eh, typical

To be honest though 10% more dodge range isn’t really all that nice anyway, at least when put up in competition with the other Talents usually found in it’s row (such as increased ammunition which is always nice).

it makes a LOT of difference when you are kiting a patrol with 4 chaos warriors and their cronies constantly trying to crack your skull, or when min maxing the distance of boss strikes so that you can get an extra heavy strikes in btw swings.

similarly in another thread, there was a guy that said 5% attack speed was useless. it makes a HUGE difference to me.

but hey, if the community hates on it, devs might decide to buff it and that’s good!

No 10% is nothing, you can dodge as much with or without it.

5% attack speed on the other hand is 5% more dps and it stacks with charm.

10% coupled with handmaiden dodge passive.

anyhow, let’s agree to disagree.

20% yay.

It would be useful for anything if it was double dodge range.

yay. why not give a damage boosts to 200% as well, that would be great for anything too.

Different stats different scaling. if you need to ask this, why havent you asked 30% stamina regen why not 30% extra attack speed?

er, i’m not the one that’s trivialising an undervalued dodge bonus. you are.

Do you know how dodging even works? when you dodge enemy losses tracking of you and thats why you dodged the hit, extra 10% doesnt change that in the slightest.

lol WHAT??? i think it is YOU who do not know how dodging and enemy attacks work.

there are different kinds of attacks that enemies can do. berserkers only target 1 character, and launch a volley of swings that you can block or outrange by moving away or dodging. if the berserker winds up his last attack and you dodge too early then move back into range, you are gonna get smacked. it doesn’t “lose track” of you when you dodge. there are other kinds of attacks which track you up to a certain point, after that the swing will target a specific point in air which you can avoid.

when a chaos warrior winds up his overhead attack and you dodge backwards, he will take a few steps forward and track you before swinging down. when he starts his downward swing, the target is ground-locked, and you can side-dodge it. but if you side-dodge it too early, he will still swing on your head. that’s an example of attacks that are like this ‘tracking’ you are talking about.

if a rat ogre is locked onto you and does a big arm sweep which will knock you back, you can dodge backwards to avoid it, but ONLY if you are one small step in front of it. if you are touching hitboxes on a non-buffed dodge class, you will still need to block to not get damaged by his sweep. you have a lot more leeway on these types of dodges on a handmaiden.

what you are suggesting is that if an enemy starts to swing at you and you dodge, you will avoid any damage from that attack even if you are in the swing range. that totally isn’t the case at all.

you just revealed your inexperience of game mechanics. don’t embarrass yourself.

None of what you did contradicts what i said.
You need to do proper dodge like obviously not stepping back on overhead slash. If you just walked around chaos warrior would still track you but if you dodged to the side, he wont track.

You yourself say that you can dodge and kite rat ogre without being handmaiden.
Please tell me more how this is an useful stat, leeway when you fu** up?

You can easily dodge any buffs, but with 10% dodge + a little movement speed you can quickly put a large gap against anything.

Chaos Spawn has a relentless chase? Not anymore.
Patrol? Gone.

Even cramped spaces will suddenly feel spacious just because you can outrun and outflank anything.

It’s like dodging with a glaive vs dual daggers. Small differences can stack to a point where they actually change gameplay.

10% larger gap…

yes! this indeed.

i’m saying, it is easier to do it on handmaiden.

you don’t always have the luxury of doing this, if a whole chaos pack is chasing you, you are going to have to dodge backwards to put as much distance btw yourself and the pack.

every single time you dodge. imagine if i gave you 10% damage on every strike. that’s a lot.

i don’t think i can convince you, but that’s ok. let’s agree to disagree then.

10% of extra damage is hard to be wasted, you would need to oneshot enemies without it.
10% dodge is very easy to be wasted though, to even get any benefit you would need to position yourself badly to begin with

Also when youre kiting you dont make it any easier for team to kill enemies, bardin with orange trait giving 50% damage taken for 3s after block on the other hand, not only they cant break his block, he forces them all to focus on him, gives them debuff and they all become stationairy targets.