Fatshark doen't make the same mistake [WoM and new talents]

I start with an apology, I don’t know if this is the right section or if the material shown through Reddit is official, but I would like to talk about current talents and future ones.

Apart to be too strong or too weak, apart to need some buff or some nerf, talents should let us to choose a build… in order to create our style (obv within certain limits) and so add variety.
Actually there are some careers where you are forced into one only way, and where there are not synergies with part of their arsenal.

An example? Huntsman. You are forced to choose an “headshot build”. This means less variety, less options (Blunderbuss and Rep gun seem “wasted”), less styles (let me decide between a more strong but more risky build, it is not possibile to do always headshot, and a less strong but more consistent one)…

I have seen the new talents, the situation has improved, but not enough… I can still see entire tiers of perk based on headshot.

And this is valid also for some other careers, I’m NOT talking only about Kruber… so I would like just what the title says. Please Fatshark, gives us more variety.

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Well there is section for WoM, its wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t find it, where is?

Ypu can only access it if you were invited for beta test

With all vermintide discord servers it is not so hard to find someone with invite who will share info anyway. Not sure why secrecy?

P.S. Is there will be open beta?

So you dont spam with your opinion on things that you dont really tried, I guess


Can’t link the section but information can be found on reddit and other places. This thread is about patch notes https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/bzbw5a/winds_of_magic_beta_patch_notes_1/

Direct link to talent part

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Personally, I’d have preferred for FS to be slightly more visible with the info, and offer a bit more platforms for discussion (or at least the possibility of following it) even to those of us who don’t have beta access. Of course, the patch notes and, as can be seen, Talent changes got leaked almost immediately, and that was to be expected. As the posts haven’t been touched, it seems that FS also expected this, and allows it (no wonder, considering the Beta is free to stream too). While we cannot offer the kind of feedback that can be given from experience, just reading the changes will give some idea about what to expect - and offers immediate insight to some things. Reading about the changes, there are some things that worry me for different reasons (the changes to Handmaiden’s Career Skill or the Dodge changes, for example), some choices that immediately sound overly strong (5 seconds of invisibility on a backstab or WHC’s guaranteed crits during Animosity) and a few others that feel underwhelming and/or boring (Zealot’s plain 5% Power increase) and several that I fully reserve judgement for after actually testing them extensively.

As I said, I do recognise that you cannot give a full assessment of anything without playing, but if something sounds way too good or bad on paper, it has a high chance of actually being such. In addition, just following the discussions on the beta stuff would be both interesting and enlightening for the actual performance of the things I’m worried about.

And as one last thing, interestingly enough the beta sections in Discord are apparently open to everyone (and I don’t think there’s any way to curb them in in Steam or Reddit either). So the decisions to keep the forum section completely hidden is slightly baffling to me.

For the original point of the thread… I didn’t pay much much attention to actual build possibilities when reading the changes (I might do it later), but just by the virtue of there being more valid choices for each tier of Talents, there will be more choices for build. I did notice a few obvious synergies, but all of them are optional and still not obviously the best choices. We’ll probably end up back to a few effective builds for each of us, but I do see more options for now, and those builds will probably be different for each player.

Besides, trying to make all Talents equally attractive even when taken together with other options is an impossible task (or runs the risk of making them pretty much interchangeable and thus irrelevant).


Each talent should be part of some build, talents should be created with some idea behind it, e.g.

  • DD build with majority of talents that increase offence capabilities,
  • defensive build, that directed towards survivability,
  • healer build (with heal share),
  • support build with talents that helps allies.

And of course something in between is possible, not much effective in most cases though.

Also, some talents designed for specific weapons, like additional reload speed from headshots is usless for Bow.

Sometimes it is easy to find idea behind the talent, sometimes some testing is needed. And some talents looks like it placed there because there was no better idea.
I completely understand the latter, some time ago I tried to invent some new talents for Foot Knight instead of few dubious, especially counterattack, and it turned out quite hard to come up with decent and competitive, and not overpowerd talents.
I stopped it after realised, that many things will change during WoM.
Foot Knight.rar (119.6 KB)

There’s a gaming news site that’s actually giving beta keys away btw…

As for the hidden forum, from what i understand. This beta will only be for a few more days, at which point the forum will be hidden to even the people currently in the beta. And will be used by the selecte few who will continue testing.

There is 2lvl account needed?


Yes, you need to level up your account on that site to get a beta key. It’s not too much of a hassle.

Until the 18th, iirc, so five more days. And yes, I knew already about the key giveaway - I didn’t even enter the pool of beta testers as I don’t really like playing with strangers, so taking part in the beta (without my friends also entering and getting selected) would have put me in a situation I’m not comfortable with. I have done the open betas, when all we needed to do was opt in (and download the beta build), and everyone could easily do it together. Too much hassle and uncertainty in this one, especially in the beginning.

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4 and half days. Close enough xD

Talents don’t open up different gameplay styles but instead close some down as less optimal while favoring others.


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