Huntsman's "Maim" talent possibly bugged

While testing damage and talents for Huntsman on modded realm, I noticed that the Maim talent (“Ranged attacks deal 30% more damage to injured enemies.”) does not increase damage as anticipated. Here is a clip.

I have many sanctioned mods that improve quality of life.
These are the only non-sanctioned mods I had activated:
-More Items Library
-Give Weapon
-Show Damage
-Skip Cutscenes
-Creature Spawner
-True Solo QoL Tweaks

I’m not sure if there are any sanctioned or unsanctioned mods that may be affecting these numbers, nor if the talent doesn’t work as described, but I thought I’d share this nonetheless in case it really isn’t working.

Injured is below 50% health


Oh, then it’s quite damn bad vs anything but CWs and bosses.

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Ah, thank you. I wish some talent descriptions were a bit less vague, or had subtext that defined their effects more accurately.

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Sorry for the off topic, but MAIM is another Huntsman’s talent bad tought… because not only it’s very limited, but also to deal with CWs and bosses, MAKE 'EM BLEED is still better.

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