Improvements to the HUD

I’ve started playing recently, but I’ve noticed something that really didn’t sit well with me, and I actually had a discussion with a couple of friends of mine on the game.
I think it would be an improvement to add more indications of how you are performing in-game, what I mean is that I found it odd that the game lacks health numbers for the player, as well as damage numbers.

Well, there are damage numbers in the game, but only on the training dummies, I checked everywhere for an option to have it available at all times, but my attempts were fruitless as it seems that is not implemented yet.

Not to forget about the fact that there are several classes in the game with varying sets of max health, as well as trinkets increasing max health, as well as skill tree related health bonuses. It would really come in handy to know exactly how much your max health is, and not only that, it would be helpful to also know how much health you currently have, as to not waste resources such as a healing draught, because the amount of a bar it heals proportionately for a bounty hunter isn’t the same for the amount it would heal for an unchained. I feel that having information like this available, even as an option to set on or off, would be an improvement to the game.

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