Display MY health on the bottom-middle of the screen

Since this is an action game, it would be far better for the players to be able to have their health visible at a glance. Vermintide 2 does this, and it helps keep you aware of where your health and TempHP are in the middle of the fray. I also think moving the buffs to the center of the screen would help keep you aware of them, as they’re currently very small. I did a little mock-up here for you, to show what I mean:


This is exactly what they did for vermintide 2 and it was a near perfect UI, i dont know why they decided to change it


Exactly, it’s all of the information I need to have in an easy-to-spot format for being in the middle of combat.

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I agree this UI setup was magnificent. Why would you not do this, FatShark? Give us this style of UI back. And while you’re at it, revert the “Perils of the Warp” interface to what it was last beta. This little skull we have to look at in the middle sucks.

holy hell I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that.

Yes please

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