Thats how Scoreboard shoud look like (IDEA)

Before you take a look I apoligy for my poor graphical skills, but thats basicly it how scroeboard shoud look like. (picture explains all, magnify picture for more details)


Good idea but should reverse the order of “damage taken”. After all, the circle chasers might feel obligated to take extra damage just to get this circle (And when playing in a game with me, I make it quit difficult to beat me on that stat!)


Damage to last boss on some maps would be great aswell and friendly fire damage/taken. FF taken should NOT be counted to damage taken stat as it is now. Its stupid.

temp life going down also counts to dmg taken…

and yeah, Boss DMG on boss maps is weird :smiley:

put Topic: dont, just dont even think about 3 medals in a 4 player game…I mean it may have a pedagogic value, but NO! just NO!!

personally id like it if it were changed to say “you won!” just that in big bright friendly coloured letters , maybe a round of applause could play.

Am i the only player in existence who still wants the stupid circles to just go away ? they breed such trash play and greediness . also the only other stats i would like displayed are damage blocked and friendly fire .


Can you elaborate why should they introduce the concept of medals?

They should start with adding a friendly fire stat. Not only does this indicate hiw much we screw each other over but also provides a meaning to check if we’re improving.

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There is already an excellent thread on the topic:

U mean natural decay of white health? Oh now i know why I offten being top damage taken as my WHC, without taking a good hit. Thats additional reason why white health generated is a must for scoreboard

Vast majority of people consider damage taken sight of weakness, but damage taken is ok if u play with your white health generated.

In additon to my list i wisht to add:
Friendly Fire done
Times knowckodwned

That was actually fixed in 1.0.5.

Fixed temporary health degeneration to incorrectly being tallied in the Damage Taken statistic in the Score Screen.

No excuses now :slight_smile:

As fixed as face-spawning? :roll_eyes:


FF also counts to damage taken. So take a tall melee character like Kruber/Saltz and go with high ranged group and you will get alot damage taken.

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If you have proof showing otherwise then pls report it. I am going to believe the patch notes until then. I don’t know what else to tell you.

dont have a screenshot of my last run, but 800+ dmg, not once downed and with selfheal trinket…played sienna crit and life on crit…had almost from the begin (bad timing with an assasin) white HP, didnt have to heal till end fight and got out there without dmg taken…others died 2 in the run they had less dmg taken…

Assists, Temp damage taken ( might lead to a long list but it makes sense )

OR… be able to toggle whichs ‘‘extra’’ stats you want to see

Not sure if it’s gonna cause any performance implications but i’d like that stuff…