After 250h I think that scoreboard at the end should be changed or removed to discourage "stat padding"

I think it should either be removed or only have removed “kill stats”. In my opinion it enoucrage too many players to chase that green circles and not focus on just winning match. It won’t hurt anyone but it may help with overall feeling of “co-op” gameplay and tactic.

This is my personal opinion after 250h in Legend. I think same as in many games which have K/D ration- it brings more harm than good.


I like knowing what my stats are but I agree the numbers aren’t necessarily correlated to your practical performance. All that matters is that the team wins the level. Maybe they could just show you your own personal stats and not other peoples, with an option to view other ppls if they toggle something in the options. Iunno. I agree the current stats are bad and not detailed enough. Eg. It would be good to know how much venting damage I take, or how much ff damage I cause, etc.

I think you should stop it in Quick play, but keep it in team play. With more stat for pity sake. Damage deal to monster, to real boss, to armored guy. In the purpose of optimize the character’s building.

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I don’t want to play with the kind of people that chase green circles now even if they are removed. I like the scorescreen because it lets me know how roughly each class can preform, its more for personal use than anything for me.

You are free to interpret the stats as you wish.
Many games have stats so why does it matter so much in V2?

Stats could be improved, but removing them is a step back.

Furthermore, i’ve been currently collecting screencaps of my huntsman scorescreens, it shows im learning to play the class better and thats a reward in and of itself. 2 days apart I went from like 11k avg to 15k avg in Legend damage wise, which means im hitting HS more reliably and contributing more, its a good feeling.

If every Huntsman I played with pulled those numbers I’d be a happy camper.

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Its high risk, high reward, I love it, I just started playing after 30+60 levels on FK, and im in love! I can do soooooo much, its glorious. My aim is already pretty solid from playing shooters at a high ELO for years but it took awhile to get used to the bows functionality, as long as the team is working together and I can get a bit of a frontline the game feels easy. Teamwork makes the dreamwork basically. The hard part for me now is if im the last man standing its fairly easy to get overwhelmed if I don’t have my active to stealth out of bad situations / positions. I have managed to clutch some crazy stuff but its certainly easier on FK to do.

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The score is lackluster.
It would be more cool if we see our own career high scores with each character.
Maybe that way we can gather more information about our build, is working or not.

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Hey! I love chasing green circles as a IB support tank bardin. gotta support yo!

Actually, it could hurt many people. When I’d end a map I’d look at my scores for everything and think about what might need improvement. They can be a useful tool. I’m not saying people don’t chase green circles because they do obviously lol. It has value though. IMO more information is good and less is bad.

Sorry, but like- you don’t see how did you play and judge yourself if you were playing well or not? Don’t take it as any sort of insult please- when I play I don’t need stats to see if I suck or contribute. Sure If your main role is taking out specials- you may want to see if you killed most of them- but even if you didn’t- if run was nice and smooth- does it matter?

What would be nice is if they decided to add more teamwork related stats, How much FF everyone had, how many attacks parried, enemies killed while attacking another player, time spent close to the team, etc.

I’m sure the FF stat would have the same effect as Damage Taken, a green circle to avoid, and one to be ashamed of.

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I’d like to see how much healing a person received especially. NB + temp health means the bulk of my damage is usually from venting overheat on both Sienna and Bardin, so I have no idea how much damage I actually took and I can have the most damage taken w/o ever having received any healing. It’s lame.

I don’t think damage taken is anything to be ashamed of in V2, even though it was in V1. Entirely different dynamic. Healing received or kits/draughts used on you would be. Temp health alone means as long as you’re not getting downed, you can take all the pain you want if it ups your DPS.

Damage taken also factors in the damage you take while downed and disabled, so if someone ever gets downed in a horde the stat will be artificially inflated no matter what.

If I saw someone with low kills/dps + high damage taken + high healing received, that would be something to be ashamed of. Low damage taken + low DPS is also something to be ashamed of in V2. High damage taken + high kills/DPS + no/low healing received + no/fewest times downed would be something to be proud of.

I’d love to see friendly fire damage stat. That would actually improve gameplay chasing that stat (assuming you’re chasing the lowest and not the highest). It would be great if every stat actually improved performance when chasing it, but that definitely won’t happen given that kill count is such a standard.

I’d also like to see:
Number of attacks to damage ratio
Number of attacks to hits
Damaged blocked
Enemy attacks interrupted
Enemies staggered
Separate ranged and melee head shots
Health regenerated
Damage soaked via temp health
Number of times hit by a team mate while you were jumping


I fuggin loooooooove your last two suggestions. The number of Bardins that bunny hop for no reason is staggering and the damage soaked via temp health is in line with what I’m getting at, ie. that you can soak all day as long as you’re getting the kills to replenish yourself. It’s why V2 manages to be so much more intense than V1 because we can go ham way more.

Indeed. And something I haven’t tested - does damage taken also count damage soaked by temp health? Because when I have half a bar of temp health on top of my green health, I’ll actually trade taking a hit here and there for doing extra damage or horde clearing. Especially when horde clearing because I’m going to get it right back anyway.

It would be nice to see these two types of damage taken separated.

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Afaik it currently does, sadly.

Damage blocked and enemies staggered would be huge for showing tank contributions.

I would like to add one more stat: Time spent alone away from group. This one should be another circle of shame

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time spent alone from group is shown in-game by specials attacking them already XD

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