Strongest enemy in Legend

And Oscar goes to: Scoreboard cheasing Kerillian :stuck_out_tongue:

I think those guys is worse naabs that V2 coud offer, they woud wipe 80% of your HP just to get their kills, to be “better” on scoreboard… “that moment when guy use his homming arrows throught me just to get kills”

I really screw their kills when they damage me more than rats or chaos.

/any thoughts

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It’s funny my first character was Bardin and I was “screw these kill hunting Kerillian’s” Now I’m leveling one and it’s “screw these kill hunting Witch Hunters!”

The stat just needs to be removed at this point since we obviously can’t trust the community to be adult enough to realize it doesn’t mean anything. I had a WH try and talk trash to a Sienna he had 10 levels on… I had to kindly point out he may have doubled her kill count but he trippled her damage taken.

Damage taken can be meaningless, if you lose only white health while tanking for your team that you get back from kills anyway,but i guess that wasnt the case with that guy… Also thats why i do champ+ runs only in premade because the reasons above(and i would add to that the retärded range comps- like siena BH ranger , where i rather leave the game with my HM…)

I did say this before. No many of us will be at my side but here we go!
For me it should be only two screens - one at time :wink: - at the end of mission:


This is my opinion and I will stick to it for the rest of my vermintide life.

You win as a team or loose as a team.


There were stats in V1 and no one cared… at all, simply because the design was that bad, that people didnt even bother scrolling through, and your own stats were on the frontpage. It was designed more… friendly…
In V2 the stat screen is designed as a comparison of all classes, and thats how people take it.
Dont blame players only here, its clearly a designchoice too.

Im driven by same philosophy as this good man :smiley:

They shoud add textual disclamer, that scoreboar is only for fun purposes. I play WHC so I basicly check my accuracy in the end of game, how much headshots i scored, becuase being WHC is all about hiting heads.

Today i got precious moment when i blocked entire enemy horde on small gates, then boom, elf used his ulty on Skaven Slaves, through me, once i fallen entire horde passed and overun him :smiley: I think they shoud use their ults ONLY on Specials who are far away.

Would totally be fine with that.

In my opinion it’s plague monks/savages actually. Everytime i quickplay with rando’s i see them get instakilled by those because blocking is hard, can’t get sick kills while holding your guard up.

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NPC wise
Lobber can mess you alot :smiley: if he spawn on bad spot

You’re all mistaken. The strongest enemies in this game are ladders.


oh my god i avoid fighting around ladders because i’ve learnt that i can die so easily around them. touching them = you are disabled in combat suddenly

Yeah ladders can be a PITA. Oh you dodged but there is a ladder behind you? Time to put that weapon away! Make me press E to attach to a ladder please.

Hahahahha… The moment when you find healing potion on tower then fall down like idiot :smiley:

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