Dark tide kill count


Would it be possible to have kill count added to the game in the next patch?

Thank you

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You get a kill count on the mission end screen. There’s no scoreboard to break it down though sadly as the devs don’t want to put one in for spurious reasons.

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That is exactly what I would want to have like in Vermintide 2


Yes, you are not alone in wanting that. The devs are sticking their heels in though.

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Weird subject over which to make a stand for.

Its always been a good indication of how you fared and if you could improve things about your own game play.

And especially since it already exists in Vermintide 2, I’m sure it would be a no brainer for them to introduce this.

Anyways. The game is good, but this simple feature would be really nice to have. A QoL feature.


Well a lot of whiny people - dare I say bad players - apparently felt judged by the scoreboard in VT2 and hence labled it toxic. That is why it is not in the game as of now. Fortunately though we have well-designed penance challenges to make up for that lack of “toxicity” kappa.

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A minor issue I have is that I played the Ogryn with shield, and I needed something like 5 hits to kill even the poxer trashmobs. I contribute a lot to the team by being able to permanently keep down any amount of creatures in a horde, even with ragers mixed in, which is an incredible relief for the team when nobody has to just sit there blocking. Unfortunately this would not count towards my kills, and it would look like I performed terribly, because I assumed a support role. There is also no stat in the former VT scoreboard system that rewards supporting activities like this.
Also, theoretically speaking, a good veteran player focuses on the ranged trashmobs to prevent incoming suppression and chip damage, even through a horde, but this kind of performance measurement would get you a much lower rating specifically in case you do your job well. Meanwhile a newbie player could just wade in, get a higher score, but contribute less to the mission going efficiently.

I believe that was the reason behind removing it, and that’s why they said they’ll rework it somehow before adding it in again.

Most gamers in most games understand that you don’t judge the tank or the healer by DPS numbers.

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Not exactly what you’re looking for, but there is kind of a kill counter already. Each class has a penance for killing x number of enemies. Until you reach that number, your specific kill count across all characters of that class is totaled there. Check it out. Maybe keep a log of your kill count before and after a mission until something else is added?

We need this. We need a scoreboard. Devs gonna kill this game without one. Such a shame since its fun to play but awful to not see the stats.

If it takes you 5 swings to kill a pox walker you need more damage on your shield, walkers are some of the weakest enemies.