Please give us a scoreboard

Please give us a scoreboard.

I can’t understand why this hasn’t been included from the outset as a given, since pretty much all games do this in some form or other. Vermintide 2 post-game scores as an example were great - something similar here would be welcomed.

I’ve heard anecdotally that “the green circles make people chase after kills” but really, it’s a useful way of looking at how well you and your team have done (and people who just want to kill everything will do so regardless). In Vermintide 2 it wasn’t just a way to compete with teammates or see how much you “carried” the team, or how bad they were (although that was a good indicator!) but it was also especially useful in judging your own performance when trying different builds etc.

It would be great so have some sort of scoreboard/stats at the end of a mission so we can see how well (or poorly) we and our teammates performed.

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they are going to at some point they say so in the discored