Bring my damn scoreboard back

The scoreboard was an important part of Vermintide 2 and the fact that it’s gone in Darktide is an awful decision. Why? Well it’s not because I want to see improvement in my gameplay or anything like that.

It’s for two reasons:

1: Seeing the number of fodder I killed or how much big number damage I did overall or just to bosses is an amazing feeling and I want it back.

2: I play with my friends and laughing at our numbers together was a big part of the fun in V2. Even when it was to laugh at one of us for having pathetic damage or kills compared to the rest of us. Is that toxic? No we’re friends, it’s what we do.

Though a big thing I don’t get is why was it taken out? Even if the argument is because they don’t want post-game toxicity then just have the scoreboard viewed only after the match is over. Have a ‘Previous game stats’ screen in your menu that shows your party or even just your own stats for that game. That way there would be zero ways to be toxic to anyone and everyone wins.

My enjoyment of this game is being decreased due to not having a scoreboard to see my stats. Bring it back.


They already said they’re going to bring it back, but probably on release or a little after while, since they’re still tweaking exactly what they want to be on it.

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I too am amissed by the lack of a scoreboard. It is disappointing that it isn’t present in this game. In my three hours of playing Darktide I was disheartened that I couldn’t see: how many kills I personally gotten, how many special units I executed, how many people I revived, and how much damage I avoided. It’s important to me because in those rare games where I perform excellently, I’d like to see my performance in a quantitative way that allows me to validate myself. Yes, numbers are just numbers, yet, it facilitates my satisfaction when I do good.

Follow updates.
They said it will be in game

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Scoreboards for the world.