Please change scoreboard's damage taken marking


it’s a silly thing which was also present in VT1.

Right now on the scoreboard after a mission all the highest scores are marked by a green circle, though that doesn’t make sense for damage taken, since you want to have this value as low as possible, by avoiding damage. Please change it so that for damage taken the lowest value is marked by the circle, so that all the best values are marked, not only the highest.

I know that this isn’t a really important change, but I guess it would be easy enough to implement

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It’s a garbage value in V2 anyways on account of the fact Bond + Temp Health generation = someone can/will have the highest damage by far despite having never used a single healing item and losing very little health.

They need to add a “healing received” stat to indicate how many draughts/bandages a player consumed.


Yes, that would be a nice alternative.

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Add a friendly fire damage dealt to teammates one too.


Unfortunately we’ll very like have to wait for mods.

Fatshark… probably isn’t going to put any effort into improving the score screen.


Honestly I’d rather have the mod tools versions, but… WHERE ARE OUR MOD TOOLS?! :frowning:

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