Mission Aftermath/Score Report

May I suggest that we get a bit more of an aftermath report from missions? It would be nice to see who exactly killed what and how much of what in my humble opinion, not just a general kill count which is easy to miss to be fair, and I often have it ‘wiped’ for some odd reason, where it shows 0 kills 0 deaths and 0 minutes etc.

If I remember right VT had some form of damage dealt score which I thought was pretty useful - it would be even more useful in this game, being able to compare how much of a damage output you get with different weapons/builds etc. overtime.

Maybe I am just a data freak, but I do find all these kind of details fascinating and quite rewarding in itself.

P.S. It would also be a nice touch if after lvl 30, you wouldn’t just be getting ghost EXP on that summary screen.