Own Personal detailed stats/kill chart on Post-Game-Screen!

The game itself is fun but the bare minimum expected on launch like detailed personal stats/kills in Post-Game-Screen isnt even there! It cant be that hard to implement such a simple feature… and no its not toxic to see your own stats!
Fix it Fatshark and you will earn a thumb up on steam from me!

Thank you.


Yes please! This is very important to me as well - I want to be able to see my progression over time (getting better stats/run)

100%, I’m not sure if it was time constraint/bad decision/ or if they thought they could quell some toxic behavior by not showing stats but we should definitely be given at least our personal stats per mission. Most of us that play these games like to theorycraft builds to what works and what doesn’t. Little harder to get some solid data if all we have is a “feel” for how a mission went.

One of the most complained about things is not having a leaderboard at the end of the mission, and it seems it was because people think it’s “toxic” to want to know how they performed. Don’t think they will do anything about it even though I want them too. Best we can do is continue to complain about it.

It literally takes away a good chunk of motivation to play this…

I am ok with this as long as people stop standing outside plane (exit zone) just to stat-pad their numbers. This has always been a huge problem in VT2.

100% agree. Would love to see this feature.