FF damage shown?

So one of the things that i find to be the most annoying, is the friendly fire so many people tend to do. And whats even worse, is that alot of them will often respond with “It’s not that bad” or “It wasn’t me” when it definitely seems like it is/was from my perspective.

So how about having the total amount of friendly fire damage shown at the end of each round?
I honestly believe that alot of the people aren’t doing it because they don’t care about their teammates, but because they don’t realise just how much damage they actually do.
So showing this would not only show the person who did the FF just how bad it can actually be, but also show the rest of the team if their complaints about that person were justified.

What do you guys think? Is there a downside to showing this that i’m not seeing?

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I would agree. I would like to know how much damage I am doing myself so I know if I need to improve (I’m assuming Damage taken includes damage from FF?).
As it stands, unless I notice a sudden massive drop (sorry Kruber, didn’t mean to crit ult your face), I can only assume it’s minor damage and don’t have to change. It seriously bugs me!

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