Team damage at their own

Hey Fatshark,

What do you think about that players who deal team damage get it at their own, my think about it is that they will more care about team damage and their will be less toxicity about team damage.


Translation please.

I think you’re asking if someone deals team damage they receive damage themselves as well? In which case… hard no, as sometimes FF needs to be dealt to save others from bad situations. I’d rather players not be punished for that. :frowning:


In bad situations is ok, but… FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!

No. Sometimes the only solution to the elf is “twice the glory”.

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I can see this back firing badly… imagine the team is down, bunch of SV about to overhead them. You throw a bomb to save them, take the FF damage and down yourself. GG


While the shooter receiving the friendly fire damage would probably decrease FF somewhat, and cause some players to aim a bit more carefully, there are a multitude of problems it’d bring.

First off, it wouldn’t reduce toxicity (at least significantly), it’d mostly just shift the blame from the shooter to the target who “just ran in the way”. Second, it’d essentially roughly triple the amount of FF done - remember, any FF damage you do is divided between all your teammates (and if you’re playing with bots, they probably take a significant chunk of it). And finally, it just doesn’t make any kind of sense - does the ammo ricochet magically to you or what?

All these, of course, are in addition to the situations described by @Exanimia and @SmokerT69. I really don’t see a way “reflected” FF damage could sensibly work.


I wonder how Valve dealt with this kind of feedback regarding 100% FF on Expert in L4D, and if there was any negative feedback at all… C’mon, people, don’t you think you’re getting kind of soft? Just don’t effing shoot your mates, mates!

It’s not direct shooting that happens most often. It’s the AoE from the poison bow and fire staffs. And it’s hard to argue against those because they are more help than harm in some situations.

Fair enough, although the situation in L4D was more severe anyway - there was AoE too, just not that easily dispensable. I personally think that it is not the damage itself that is most annoying, but the fact that FF:

  1. Jerks your aim
  2. Breaks your attacks
  3. Prevents you from reviving teammates.

If only indirect damage was free from these effect, I’ll be more than content to burn for a couple of seconds for a good cause :slight_smile:

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