Team Damage

When i am writing this, I am in no way putting shame to this game. This game is great and has a lot of things to do in it. However, I do feel that adding Team Damage was unnecessary. I should not have to worry about hitting my teammate when I am Seina using my Confragtation staff. Granted its minimal damage but still damage non the less. In all games I have played Team Damage is probably the biggest kill joy i have ever put up with and in a game like this there is no need for it. I’m tired of constantly worrying about hitting my teammates and it ruins the mood of this game. Please Consider deleting from the game. If you have to up the difficulty of Champion and Lord that’s fine. But Team Damage is not the correct solution to add “challenge.”

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I take it you never played vermintide 1 then.


No i didn’t i was gifted this game to play the beta

Friendly fire is fine. It’s a mechanic to consider and when FF is a problem in a team, then the team should learn from it. No one needs to shoot through 2 guys defending a horde - there are ~270° more to cover. My legend team plays with flamethrower dwarf and a sienna and we barely do ff. The ff of most attacks is pretty low anyway - propably the highest dmg i get from my team is when sienna’s pyro-ultimate coincidantally hits my head, which is like 15% hp and happens every 3-4 games at best. But granted, some of sienna’s staffs do a too high amount of dmg when ff.
What I would love to see is a post-game statistic about FF taken and FF dealt. So players can learn from it.


I don’t expect it to happen, but I’d love to see it.

Love it or hate it but it IS that extra difficulty knob that isn’t just a massive ‘‘grant mobs X hp’’, and it makes certain builds more viable over what smashes vet… I for one like it, it further enhances the ‘‘tactical team survival’’ sure getting hooked by a hook rat is a bitch now but that’s how it is : )


The game gets much better in champion when spam/aoe tactics/cheeses don’t work anymore.

It’s not like FF makes weapons unplayable, it’s 1-2 people making it unplayable for everyone else when they are just spamming fire right in their camera.

They SHOULD add team damage counters in the stats just because there’s games where I just feel my Sienna did me more damage than the skaven.


Floating numbers would be nice to have as an option ( green for FF ? ) and then a psot game stat.

Yea, i really miss them from the QoL mod we had in VT1. But I would prefer to have them enabled/disabled on melee and/or ranged instead on all. In melee, they could hinder my vision a bit. But on ranged I liked them in VT1 as I could better distinguish between hitting corpses and enemies ;o)

Just today a Waystalker and Pyro hit me for 20% of my hp in the first minute of the mission. At least they didn’t blame it on me, which happens a lot, too. FF as a mechanic to stop people from blindly spamming seems to not work completely as intended, but removing it will only make it worse.

You cant guard yourself against others stupidity.

Or to put it better, when players are used to just rolling veteran, you dont have to think you just run and gun. Then FF hits the fray on champ+ and you kind of have to keep track of your buds…

Nope,dont remove it. Its makes good ,more carefful teamplay when you cant just shoot with no care. It was in vt1,and I get "hell yah"feeling when I snipe enemy from tiny spot behind team mates.

I can agree and disagree with this, without team fire you have mindless spamming. In VT1 people were pushing for team damage with melee. Now that’s mental! I still feel it works as is, one just have to be a bit more careful. What I dislike is when people start to moan both in voice and in chat about team damage. It’s a game, you move frantically, things happen people get shot, get over it. That said, I am fine with it being there or not. Dealers choice.

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in fact i realy like the ff mecha and would like to see it on vet alrdy, but to be honest I had a game yesterday with Ironbreaker and his flamethrower where the whole Team always jumped in front of me to get more dmg/kills…

I don’t care for stats in the end, I like having em, but they aren’t important to me, but adding ff would have been terrible for me in that case, I stopped my attack everytime I saw them doing so, but nevertheless I must have hitted them a lot…

Adding the FF-Stats would blame me for their stupidness, but I can understand the Intention of having it shown

on the other Hand mostly u got shot in the back bevause a kerillian or Sienna want to spam and get their numbers…

tl;dr: ff is fine, stats may lead to false findings

no! friendly fire mechanic is the added level of expertise and complexity that the game needs. you’re not supposed to be able to fire your weapons through your teammates - even swinging your weapons wildly stacked together is already a boon.

if friendly fire was off, this game at high levels would be terribly, terribly easy, trust me.

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