Remove friendly fire

I think a lot of hate would disappear from the game. Hate towards javelin, hagbane, torpedo users, or bounty hunters with their big ult.

Often we don’t even know someone else is inside the model of our hero and we deal FF.
FF is okay when players use voice chat, but I guess the majority of players never do that.

If this is too much for some reason, the heroes shouldn’t complain about 0-2 HP losses.

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FF is a part of the gameplay though, a skill element layers engage in.

It could probably be better balanced of course, like there’s no reason why throwing axes are so disproportionately lethal compared to other ranged weapons. Especially being one of the harder to use ranged weapons to begin with.

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Yes, how else could a loyal servant of his holy lord hunt down necromancers?

But yeah, some rebalance is seriously needed. Yesterday I had a throwing axe slayer in my CW run that was twice as deadly as anything game director threw at us :smiley:

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The FF system directly addresses the issue of spamming with strong AoE Ranged Weapons.

In Darktide it makes sense, but in Vermintide, where it’s more melee focused, it doesn’t.

If they removed FF, things like Fireball, BH shotguns and Bluntsman would become even more broken than they already are.

It stops most Ironbreakers insta rocket launchering Chaos Warriors, that people are already fighting, so they actually get the play the game. In Darktide you can see how annoying this is, if you try to play a melee.

…My Ironbreakers and Engineers all just shoot anyway tho? I dont dare go near a CW with one of those on the team if they got rockets on, not monsters either for that matter, especially not in CW :sob:

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