Gromril armor VS friendly fire

Any other ironbreakera bothered by how any miniscule tick of friendly fire eats up your Gromril armor cooldown?

If you have a wizard on your team it completely nullifies its benefits.


Then you might have to not get hit. What a horrible thought :slight_smile:

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Annoying, yes. Bothered? No.

If you have a BAD wizard on your team, it completely nullifies the benefits. But on the flipside, a BAD IB is just as much likely to grief himself by barging into the line of fire.

So it’s something both people need to get good at – since, afterall, this is a coop game. So if you keep losing the passive, then it simply means your team’s level of cooperation isn’t very high. Maybe the ranged guy, or maybe you, or maybe BOTH are making mistakes.


Silly me! Ill learn to dodge the hitscan fire beam being shot from behind my back :ok_hand:

Thanks lads!

Guess its not important

Your sarcasm would have been just awesome if you hadn’t completely misunderstood my post.

Keep up the good work.

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i can’t think of any way to fix this

Don’t jump around in the middle of the hallway during a horde? Actually communicate with your team?


Block Gromil armor from triggering on friendly fire?


and if you want to kill a IB bot?

I meant preventing, restraining, stopping damage absorption for players’ attacks. That would make it even easier.

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Uhm… fatshark should fix FF from actives.

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The point is, certain things don’t warrant any fixes because despite the negative results, there was nothing abnormal or broken with the process of how it happened.

I’m very often annoyed by the mistakes I make, like forgetting to check around and see if any mob stragglers survived. Then they take a swipe at me from behind. So frickin’ annoying when that happens. So should I ask a fix for this? The only “fix” in this scenario is I fix my bad habits and learn to not leave stragglers and survivors behind my back, by making sure everything is dead.

Much the same. The only “fix” is that both parties involved in the friendly fire incident learn to be more careful.

(ps) with the exception of AoE career skills ticking the FF, which is clearly a bug.

Just stop Gromril from triggering from ff. Easy no? You shouldnt be able to grief someone like that and it’d be an easy fix.

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To be fair, that isn’t supposed to be annoying. You’re supposed to get a very clear, unmistakable backstab alert everytime. It’s just mostly broken right now and you often don’t get the alert at all or you get it after the hit has landed.

@Abe except ff synergizes with Rune-Forged, which I consider to be the far superior talent in Legend anyways, especially paired with Pistols.

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That’s exactly what I said.

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