Immortal IB

I just had a great idea.

What if I run barkskin and +40 percent hp (necklace + trait) and 15 seconds impenetrable?

If i run into patrol, I can ult. Then, once its about to be over, I pop a healing draught to get a 50 percent damage reduction over my natural damage resist.

So in theory, I get about 25 seconds of train mode to run over heretics.

IDK, maybe I can use one of the damage reduction trait on my necklace to reduce CW damage even further.

The only problem that remains is getting trainwrecked by stacks of overhead swings however D8
I honestly do hope a mod comes out that gives them legit rollerskates and replaces weapons with suitable goofy alternatives and hit-sounds. …Sorry got carried away.

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I’d still dodge but I would be hanging on for so long that all the CW’s will be felled by my friends.

I am going to try this.

IDK, maybe barkskin is underrated in general.

Or you could just go Pyro or BM with 100% block or Slayer with double parry. But what’s the point?

Yes, you’re nearly unkillable (cough assassin cough cough packmaster), but so what? How do you contribute to the team? How does standing in the corner not dying helps your team fighting enemies?