An Unexpected Combo

The recent changes to the Barkskin trait are kind of . . . extremely strong, especially when combined with an odd thing; friendly fire. I think it has become more obvious with the value of flamethrower weapons in Twins mode, but flamethrower FF is insignificant but will constantly be triggering Barkskin, giving players functionally permanent 40% damage reduction. It even lingers after the flames end because it causes an extremely mild DoT.

It’s kind of strong. Maybe not have it be triggered by friendly fire?

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It’s in a good spot imho, even with that trigger.


I think I agree that the never-ending 40% DR is very strong, but I don’t think it’s necessarily gamebreaking.

If the Flammenwerfer is werfing your flammens, they are either missing the enemy or you are standing in a very brave spot. Similarly for hagbane triggers and whatnot… but taking the friendly-fire makes you unable to land that head-shot on the Blightstormer who decided he needed to storm you from Ulthuan.

Much like @LuiKangBakingAPie… IMHO.


I had to like your comment just for “werfing your flammens”.


It’s still an underpowered trait compared to 30% more healing which stacks with the 30% more healing talents. Which ends up generating a shít load of temp HP. I use it on maybe 1 or 2 classes, and then only sometimes. The rest I use hp regen on. I think it’s fine as it is

I agree that barkskin is good, but I also agree that it pales in comparison to the healing trait. We will see how FatShark ends up balancing things between them.

Clever dodge of that profanity filter, @SmokerT69. Well played.

IB with barkskin is absolutely bonkers, I love it.

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