Barkskin changes

So, the barkskin was reworked in the last patch. Now, instead of 50% damage reduction for a few seconds after healing yourself, it is now 40% damage reduction for 2 seconds after taking a hit and can trigger only once every 2 seconds.

As far as I understand, the damage reduction comes after all other damage reduction effects like Zealots flagellant, so, for example, if you would take 16 damage, flagellant would lower it to 10 damage and barkskin would lower it to 6 damage. If you would take 40 damage, flagellant would lower it to 20 damage and barkskin would lower it further to 12 damage taken. That makes Zealot, Slayer and Unchained feel pretty much unkillable.

I also tried running barkskin on Mercenary and Witch Hunter Captain and realized it really comes handy when playing squishier classes as well. For example, it noticed that I took a lot less damage from Gatling Gunners, Flame Throwers, Asssasins, Blighstormers, Globadiers, Packmasters, Burlesque Halescourge green ghost thingies and Berserkers, because all of these do damage in small but quick chunks. Likewise getting occasionally hit a few times in rapid succession during hordes, also didn’t hurt so bad, but the damage reduction against specials felt more useful. The trait itself felt more than viable in legend.

So, has anybody else tried the new trait and have any thoughts to share about it?


It works really well for bots but I prefer using other Necklace traits as they are more useful for Legend.


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