Enemy damage buff by Weave 91-160 ignores barkskin

At 16:00 ~ 16:10

Assassins’s pouncing deals 10 Hp and it activates barkskin.

From this, stab damage should be 10 * 6.5 = 65
So, barkskin should reduce damage like 40ish but instead of this, Stab damage dealt 80 Hp of me.

similarly, Rattling gunner on weave 114 deal 30 before barkskin, and 30 after barkskin activated

Also, trashmobs deal 240 damage on weave 109 when i tested, there was no damage reduction after barkskin activated.

I checked this by using slave rat’s and UC

So, in my experiences, Enemy damage buff ~1000% on weave 91~160 ignore barkskin

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