Bleedthrough and low hp (zealot asking)

Hey fatshark, you gave Zealot an amazing passive that lets you survive with low hp.
Hey fatshark, you also gave corruption the ability to reduce health to 1

Hey fatshark, you also do not save hp while toughness is still up.

Any kind of low hp play is impossibly risky.

I know the entire toughness discution has a bit quelled.
But things like mutants taking a free 25hp from time to time, or grimoires being a huge nono because with the reduced hp we also get reduced wounds…
Perhaps…You could revert to the OG system?

If you want to keep bleedthrough, fine, but let the minimum amount of hp left to the player be 1 as long as toughness is left.

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Zealot just needs a passive ability that prevents taking health damage as long as you have toughness left if at maximum stacks for his damage passive.

I think that because of how corruption works, this needs to be generalised.

Also a good design practice to extend systems as widely as possible to avoid design complications because of “niche” cases.

Over 100 toughness you do not take chip damage. Get a few curios with +toughness. My zealot has 151 and I hardly ever take health damage I don’t want to.

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ooh, I’ve not been able to find more than +16%, what’s the max you have on 1 curio?

Highest I’ve seen is 17%, and I have 3 of those. Got two of them from the same shop reset.

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Isn’t it you only don’t take chip damage when you’re at 100% toughness? My vet always gets chipped at 170 toughness, on the second hit.

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Technically not true. You don’t take hp damage at 100 % toughness. Increasing max toughness does mean less bleed through for consecutive hits though.

I’d rather Zealot’s low health feats were replaced and bleed through stays. Martyrdom can stay as a nice little bonus if you get into a rough spot. Give him more interesting build definitive stuff than extra martyrdom stacks or attack speed at low health or that thoroughly terrible extra team power when you get a stack of martyrdom feat. Crit build is coherent and synergistic, non crit build is still ok but having more build options to complement his other weapons like thunder hammer would be a more more enjoyable than dumb low health shenanigans.

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AFAIK it’s meant to work the way I described. From the 1.0.14 hotfix:

Fixed an issue that caused toughness bleedthrough damage on toughness over 100. Toughness over 100 on any class should now function as expected.

They just missed a % sign in that patch note. It’s definitely only at 100% you take no bleed through. Observed this to be true numerous times in game.

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Why say “over” 100 toughness then? It makes no sense if you consider it a statement about percent toughness. Also, I’ve never observed any of my characters taking chip damage from hits that don’t dip toughness below 100. Perhaps I’m just not being observant enough, but I don’t think so.

I’ve had 254 toughness as vet and always take toughness damage at less than 100%. It’s a typon in the notes.

I found i survived longer ignoring toughness and pumping buffs into health and wounds.

Are you referring to 100% of the total or 100% of default?

100% of total. So once I took one hit and got to 240 toughness I took bleedthrough damage.

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So, I just went in and tested it. It looks like its currently set up to only make you take chip damage at <100% of the base total for your class. Veterans do take damage if their toughness is anything less than 200, but I took 2 hits from a poxwalker, which only brought me down to 204, and didn’t take any health damage whatsoever.

For the other classes, it seems to work how it was described in the patch notes. However, they completely align with current functionality if you do just assume that they dropped a % symbol, and also were talking about base toughness. Really could have been more clear, but oh well.

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Fatshark, typos, and clear game design.
They could really simplify their designs.

This is what think I’ve typically experienced. And what I thought it was supposed to be. But as I remember toughness has had some tweaks and bugs as well.

If you’ve ever made anything substantial and complex… :wink:

I have (reference noted though hahaha)
And my Game Design teacher did not give me a passing grade :smiley:

Jk. But simple designs are designs you can change, test and iterate on.
I know people who’ve worked on VT2… basically spaghetti :rofl:

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