Zealot Toughness (possibly other classes too)

This is both a question first and feedback

I play a zealot and with the new changes I am able to keep my toughness up and reduce the damage I take but I seem to be taking health damage along side which completely negates the toughness being the resource that gets chewed up first

My question is, is this by design and if so, why? When toughness is paraded around as your first line of defense and so many classes rely on their toughness, why do we also take health damage too? I proc my cheat death while I still 70% toughness active so it renders my toughness useless.


Welcome to what is known as “chip damage” and it is GARBAGE. Melee you take “smaller” amounts of HP damage regardless of toughness level


Yeah, the toughness change feels good, but the chip damage seems like a punishment for getting hit. It’s fine at the lower levels, but as you go higher it gets worse and worse…

But what’s the point? The tooltips and tips in game CLEARLY state that your toughness with deplete BEFORE your health so I now have to deal with not only sometimes struggling to close gaps and force the enemy into melee combat with myself when im using a flamer but also I have have to accept that my toughness only blocks 80% to 90% of hits. Seems like a poor answer to a problem that existed in another lifetime brother.

The fact that so many feats and talent all revolve around improving your toughness seem all rather invalid now that my health is always vulnerable no matter what I do or how I play the game, it also completely invalidates me being able to choose the moment to go hame and proc my cheat death in a hail mary play and really just sucks the fun out of trying to theory craft a build based around toughness.

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Fun fact; the chip damage doesn’t exist in the tutorial mission! So the game lies from frame 1!