[Feedback] Tiny Toughness Tweak

I think chip damage to health while you have toughness is okay and encourages good/interesting player behaviour. It just gets frustrating and dissatisfying when you die to it. One small change that would make it palatable to players is to keep it, but just not allow the ‘chip’ part to cause a death blow.

e.g. let’s say you receive 20 damage, with 18 taken from Toughness (T) and 2 taken from Health (HP). Here’s how much HP would remain, depending on your current Toughness and HP:

19T, 4 HP → 2HP
19T, 3 HP → 1HP
19T, 2 HP → 1HP
19T, 1 HP → 1HP
18 T, 3 HP → 1 HP
18 T, 2 HP → 0 HP
17 T, 3 HP → 0 HP

In short, chip damage should only deplete your health to 0 when toughness is depleted to 0. If you have at least 1 Toughness left at 2 HP and the chip is 2 damage, only reduce your health to 1 HP. Any other time, full chip damage still applies.

Thoughts? I think it would eliminate a lot of cheap feeling deaths without making players tankier than they should be.


I would like that change. As it stands in darktide, fighting in melee with full toughness and 1hp is pretty much the same as fighting with no toughness.


I agree with this and would love this change. Would make running zealot preacher much easier

Why do you think it need complication when they could just make health immune to damage through toughness when on last hp? They already have the mechanic with almost ready code (Zealot invulnerability). Exept barrels, barrels always do damage through toughness.

There needs to be more nuance than that because if you’re on 1 toughness and 1 hp, you shouldn’t be able to survive an overhead smash from a Crusher.

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I should probably mention, that I did not suggested to kinda give Zealot passive to everyone, just that they have some foundation.

Maybe change the death check to only set “downed” status if both toughness and health are 0?
Edit: Or only have current health chip damage through toughness, and if on low health, instead reduce max hp by a smaller amount, to a maximum of one wound’s worth?

I would go as fare as saying
" chip damage should only deplete your health under 10% of it when toughness is depleted to 0"

So you can save some health between two medicae and not just be on the edge of death.