Poison player ruined games

< Snip >
The guy " < snip > " trolled and he wanted to kick everyone all the time he was spamming the “kick” button all along the game. Please look at my screenshot to see the nickname of the person and I hope you could punish this poison player. (he was playing “Shade”) And at the end he says “thanks for free exp”. Please punish him. Thank you for advance.

It’s difficult to do much about this kind of thing. You’re better off just leaving and finding a new game. Lootboxes aren’t worth dealing with this kind of crap.


I’d rather play with bots at this point, I’m on xbox and griefers are not that bad. Best bet , just leave and report rambunctious players and go about slayin rats. Can’t do much about it and it’s just not worth getting upset over it.

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Never trust a raki elf me laddie

My friend had a great experience the other day, according to them while he was helping someone do the empire in flames challenges a saltzpire joins, they inform him of their intention to do the challenge so instantly he shoots the barrels, downs both players with FF spam and leaves the game.

my advise when you end up with toxic player/s leave the lobby/game
to prevent joining the same lobby via quickplay remember what class the host or any of the other guys played
and pick that
that way you will be directed to a diffrent quickplay match
were the chance is pretty high you enter an idiot free zone

should you be the host and the toxic player joins your game, chance is pretty high the other 2 people will be as annoyed by him as you are so just do a votekick

edit the best way ofc to prevent it is just collect players that you had a fun match with via adding them on steam, that way sooner rather then later you will have atleast 1 or 2 people to simply just join and enjoy the game with

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