Toxic people in darktide? no way,

yeah we’ve all come across them before.

but the golden rule of trolls…don’t feed them people. any one else got good advice on how to deal with trolls?

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If they are using voice like him and you are solo or two-man premade, you mute him or disable in game voice. If they are just using text, you just don’t read it or toggle that off too.

If you are in a three-man premade and are picking up a 4th random… you vote-kick the troll.

That is how you deal with trolls, as long as it is clear they are intentionally being a hinderance to the team just vote-kick them. Heck even in a solo or dup initiate a vote-kick. Often times people are just too nice (ironically) and won’t initiate the vote kick themselves but I will defiantly be the “bad guy” if it means myself and the other two players have a chance at getting a non-troll teammate.


I’ve noticed a high amount of toxic players using the scoreboard mod, and oh my god they’ll surely use it to be toxic aginst you in chat. You know what, I’m quite glad it’s not in the base game.


This post is super toxic


Nice bait.


Bro, do some push ups and eat a steak. What’s with all this online crying and doxing people who hurt your feelings with words? I remember the good ol Counter Strike days where people just curse back at one another and get on with their day. Geeze.


That’s what I’m saying. This guy creates a whole post crying about some guy. I literally just got out of a game where we had a guy sh*t talking the whole team talking about the scoreboard and at the end, we all just told him to stfu and suck our balls. The end.


Most people I’ve seen use the scoreboard just to get off to their own score lol


Now THATS a real gamer move!


Dude the game really isn’t this serious. This video and post was not necessary at all. Any regular person would just be like “this guy is moderately annoying” and then moved on with their life


He gave the troll a spotlight. Troll won. He should have followed his own advice and ignored his existence completely (and deleting records of troll existence).


I recall the good old Halo 1 Multiplayer days, when other kids yelled into their headphones about the nasty things they’d do to my mother.

Going further back; when my friend beat up my shoulder and threw my controller when I was beating him in Clayfighter and Killer Instinct.

Those were the good old days!

Today’s youth is offended by everything.


Excellent. Now this is the kind of top tier chad energy the world needs right now.


you’re actively exposing, a person in public, you are infringing on forum policy, and then want sympathy?

just add him to the blocklist and done, and if someone is actively messing with you can directly contact sharks but stop this virtue signaling


I feel that was nothing more than a youtube channel plug.


Yeah, CoD, CS:S, Battlefield… and those squeaky voices of plucked chickens… ugh…
Every single one of them.

Maybe that’s why Spy memes were so great:


I agree, this is bad, but sadly your post is against rules also. Since you are not allowed to call out toxic people by name.

Also nothing to do, other than kick them out or mute the voice chat.

Lets turn this around a bit. If the other guy is such a tough guy, he can take some constructive criticism of his behaviour. The video is semi-comical, even I would imagine the guys constant whine on VOIP and chat was probably a bit distracting.

I love how multiple people defend that guy’s “privacy”. He sign it off when he open his mouth on the Internet. What’s the matter boys? Why would he be embarrassed for his own behaviour in the public space? He surely can eat a steak if his feelings were hurt, right?

Now lets just lock this, as this is going only one way.


Yeah glad we did not have the scoreboard in vanilla, could you imagine how toxic everyone would be?!

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