Report a troll player

How do we report a troll player? He is staying at start of match unmoving but killing any enemies that approach, so he is doing it deliberately. He’s preventing the game from continuing. Both other players are bots so can’t kick him.

I have his account ID.

Please can I DM @admin?

@FatsharkLev pls see DM thank you.

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@MadMartigan, I’ve replied to your DM :slight_smile:

If you need to submit a player report in future, please drop a support ticket to us here:


Sure the player wasn’t an Ogryn? No playable troll characters in DarkTide yet?

bum dum tshhh. :drum:

You’re welcome. You can have that for free.


press esc - klick on his name in the squad menu - start a votekick once other players have joined - i mean people will join eventually?

When I reported a player last time, I got the answer that player reports are no longer processed. And I used exactly this form to report a support ticket. It seems a bit strange to me if you recommend doing this now. Unfortunately, it’s been a while and I no longer have the answer from support.

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@Ganvatar, ah we have an automated reply for player report tickets.

Part of that says:

"We no longer respond to player reports, but please rest assured we look in to each individual report we receive. "

So it’s not that we don’t process the reports - we do! Every report received is reviewed by our community team. We just don’t personally respond to each ticket anymore :slight_smile:

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You need more than 1 other player in the game in order to cast a vote. Both other players were bots so I couldn’t cast a vote unfortunately.

He gave up and quit eventually. I stuck to my guns and waited it out. About 30 mins. Wasn’t going to let the troll win.

Not sure why people like that play the games.

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You did let the troll win.
The goal of those people is to waste your time and to make you mad.
Apparently, 30 minutes of your time were successfully wasted.

You gave the troll what he wanted.
Maybe the FS support gives the troll what he deserves.


as annoying as it is strictly speaking he not done anything actually wrong or against terms of service.

and TBH i find its a good protest move to make fat shark aware how busted this game is and the sheer uphill battle they got to return it to mediocre status again.

^. Absolutely made the troll’s day by sticking it out for 30 mins, if nobody is there to kick or people don’t vote (stupidly they almost never do), leave after 3-5 mins.

Hey, what happened to your pf-


Fight on, soldier.


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Oh yeah he really showed FS. :man_shrugging:

Didn’t do anything wrong? He prevented progress of the game deliberately. Not sure what planet that isn’t considered wrong.

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Nah. I windowed the game and did some work whilst I waited. I wasted his time more than mine.

I had already gone through most the level with bots so I didn’t want to quit.

Was the principle of it. I’ve reported him anyway.

The saddest thing is that he had a skulls frame so he’s played a lot of the game… And still behaves like that. What a child.


I don’t get it, what’s up?

you’re supposed to shoot a daemonhost and leave when you’re getting trolled by your lovely singular coop partner.


He changed his pfp to have 8m on it, which is the distqnce that close range is atm. Was never an announced change so we’re still wondering if it’s a bug or intentional, and it’s @gpkgpk 's mission to find out.


I’ve embraced my role and destiny as it was suggested I do.


These people are the worst, a poxburster on their houses.

HA! Ok then. I wonder if troll was afk/alt-tabbed too:

Oh! Mactavish is dead
And his brother don’t know it.
His brother is dead
And Mactavish don’t know it.

They’re both of them dead
And they’re in the same bed,
And neither one knows
That the other is dead!


He wasn’t afk as he defended against any hound or trapper, mutant etc.

Just stood exactly where he spawned and never moved unless dodging hounds or mutants.

I won his childish game though. I’m a stubborn ****.

And indeed, may Nurgle vomit into his mouth when he is yawning.

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