Community is garbage

I’m done with posting bugs on this forum and on the Steam forum.


-People commenting their personal opinions on a bug report completely unnecessary to the actual report. Bug reports are for developers and for anyone having the same problem, not a personal discussion. Go to a bar if you want small talk.

-Harassment is a huge issue on both forums. People think it’s funny and cute to cyber bully people and humiliate players publicly while receiving no repercussions due to their nasty behavior.

-People constantly breaking the forum rules and disguising it by having all of their other garbage friends mass report other people who disagree with them. This irritates me the most. These people have no lives and decide it’s cute and funny to cyber bully people by flagging all of their posts making them look like the enemy. No one apparently sees it.

-Players calling other players garbage for not having green circles when those players get downed/die every 15 seconds. C’mon. If you haven’t figured how to block and dodge by now, maybe you should quit playing altogether. You may have gotten more green circles but only because I had to stop to pick your dumb*** up 15 times.

This community is disgusting. Too bad the Fatshark dev team cannot balance the attitudes of these terrible people. Makes me sick to my stomach these people exist.

FFS Grow up. Be civil. Be a supporting human being. It’s not that hard.

I no longer feel safe or welcome here.


Safe or welcome? LOL

This is the internet. I mean honestly if you are going to be so sensitive, you might as well just not post your opinions or feedback anywhere on any forum, for any game, for the rest of your life.

Have you seen what typical COD chats are like in game? Forums? Or take Fortnight for example too. You have dumb entitled millennial kids EVERYWHERE, in EVERY GAME. Kids are rude to everyone by DEFAULT. Blame the INTERNET! My kids don’t act like that, neither would they dare to. They have a great dad :wink:

Blame 21st century parents that are failing to instill moral values in their kids!

I am in my bloody mid-30’s… I just understand how kids are because I have a couple of my own! Don’t take the internet so personally dear its really not worth stressing over.

You know what grown up adults do when they aren’t getting the respect they deserve? They typically ignore it, brush it off. Move on. Don’t you have much more important adult stuff to worry about, like giving feedback to developers that actually do read the forums here, believe it or not? I mean honestly from one grown up to another, this rant is childish!

You command respect from the people that matter by how you carry yourself and how you interact with others. The kids and people who generally don’t understand that, well, honestly they are just irrelevant. Take that with you in life its some good advice


OMG, someone is wrong on the Internet. Why don’t you stop telling anyone else what to do and just submit a cozy little private form to FS directly since you don’t seem to be ready for the “garbage community”?
But I guess it’s just another one of your tantrums anyway…


Sorry you feel that way. Still happy to play if we end up in the same QP though, no big.


Beyond the actual security of the site itself how can you feel unsafe on a website… those 1s and 0s are coming for ya.

May wish to wrap yourself in cotton wool, never leave the house and never talk to anyone. They may have a different opinion and that can seriously threaten your safety.


I have to say despite her numerous tantrums, she does try to provide the developers with very detailed feedback of little known bugs that exist. In my opinion her feedback is overall pretty valuable and solid with some effort behind it.

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Still waiting to see that 1 hit kill on a CW with a 1h axe on WHC bug though…


Perfect ending to a temper tantrum. Even I know better, and I’m banned from Reddit!


@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia I don’t see this thread going anywhere good lol.


Aren’t you displaying the same thought process than the one you intent to denounce ?


I understand where you’re coming from OP, but there’s nothing you can do.
Also I love the absolute irony with all the replies here. Pretty sure this topic will get deleted soon.

I’m not going to go in to great detail but when a post is reported, it doesn’t mean sanctions are automatically placed on each and every report. Some are actioned. Some are denied action. Some are simply ignored when multiple parties are involved and slinging mud around.

It’s a really tough task to police the internet, even just a small corner of the internet like these forums and be wholly consistent. We tend to action very one sided events, repeat offenders or the extreme violations though.

Bugs and feedback can be raised anonymously via the support button at the top of the forums, however feedback is weighted less there as it’s usually beneficial to see discussion on feedback specifically.

I’ll leave this open… for now. I may wake up to regret it but I’ll leave that in all your hands :slight_smile:




This particular forum is quite tame really, and also quite well moderated TBH.


I’m done with posting […]. Reasons ?

  • […]
  • players calling other players garbage.

What was the title of the post ? Oh yeah…

Community is garbage.

So you are allowed to qualify others as “garbage” but others should not. You know, the mote and the beam…

And on top of that, you suggest :

FFS Grow up. Be civil. Be a supporting human being. It’s not that hard.

Have you considered applying your own suggestions to yourself ? Maybe you are only reaping what you sow ?


I agree that a part of the community is quite horrible. There are pure trolls and griefers playing, and people kick others for their builds and other petty reasons. There are also selfish and callous players, who show similar behavior because they don’t care about others, only their own well-being. They should be dealt with, and I think a block feature would be the best one for that, quite possibly utilizing Steam’s existing tech.

Of course some of that leak into different discussion platforms, with the addition of people taking out their frustrations on others, people who simple seem to like being angry, and other kinds of “childish” behavior. (In quotes, as I’ve frankly seen that most children behave better than many internet discussion participants.)

But in all honesty, this forum and the official Discord are the best places I’ve seen for discussion. Steam forums are full of hatred, against both the devs and other users, and in Reddit unpopular opinions get easily buried and hidden as people downvote them, even when they bring up a good point or birth additional discussion (and Reddit’s mechanics actually hide the whole discussion, rather than just the “offending” comment).

Personal attacks still happen, but often enough they end up being two people slinging mud at each other. When that happens, the responsibility of stopping lies on both participants; you can’t fight alone. And when they don’t escalate into an argument, it’s often a result of simply ignoring the first attack or quietly flagging it - a reasonable reaction.

And lastly, there’s also the other side of the community: We also see people giving (reasonable) advice to anyone who asks, even up to inviting them to play with others to gain experience and training. Whenever someone announces their first post, there’s usually one or two messages welcoming them. And most of the discussion is quite sensible, even with opposing opinions.

So please, don’t take the actions of some noisy individuals as representing the whole community, and don’t try to push them as such either.


That’s a part of the community she doesn’t like tho… You can go look through her posts… any time anyone gives her any advice or shows her she didn’t know something, she responds extremely negatively.

Look at my last correspondence with her. She submitted feedback about the game missing a feature. I showed her that a mod which she uses actually has that feature. And, she responded as she always does, as seen in this thread,

I had to delete part of my comment, as me apparently saying that she does indeed use the mod, which she has posted screen shots of, was flagged and hidden.

What people reading this thread probably don’t know, is that she private messages us threatening to get us banned. And warning us to stop “stalking” her. It’s not just me, she does this to enough people that we’ve actually reached out to each other to try and figure out what is going on.


In my personal impression of you, I can’t say that you excessively polite too. For example in Balance Beta, in topic about shielded weapons you criticised my opinion about shield slam and said:

What’s wrong with you? (something about “how you can not like it”)

On one side it is not necessarily rude, but I did not liked it. I have my own opinion, nothing wrong with me.
I think sometimes your own actions provoking other people.


Hahah, wow. I thought it was just me.

Gods, I hope Hedge doesn’t ban her. She’s a true treasure trove.


Lol, so you’ve been served up a cease and desist letter as well? She sure has a lot of stalkers and people “harassing” her on this website. Well, if it’s any consolation, she hasn’t been able to get myself or the others banned. Although she did threaten it…

At this point, I’m assuming she’s either a troll or someone who gets kicks out of stirring up all this attention.

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