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In the past I have tried reporting people for racism other times but the game was fairly new and I thought some features are bound to slip through the cracks of development.
I have tried again after having been called a “slav” and a “dirtblood” and that I probably come from one of those “sh*t countries”. The man went ballistic after a discussion about ammo consumption of all things. He also called me a communist for some obscure reason. The man is clearly deranged and should not be allowed to participate in this community.
In the clip I will link you cannot hear my voice for some reason (I hastily used the windows record past 30 sec feature) but I call him a racist and then ask “what even is a dirtblood?”. Half of his babble is incomprehensible by me.

He no longer is my problem since I have blocked him, will never see or hear from him again presumably but he and others like him will continue to be your problem FS.
Will I be banned from the forums for this post? Maybe, but I’ll take the bullet for the community this time in the hopes of him being permanently banned from this community, ingame and on the forums. Sometimes one must sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the Imperium.

Long Live the Emperor!

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Nothing, it’s a basic feature missing from the videogame.

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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You can report people by using the ticket system on the fatshark website.

To be perfectly honest, I was expecting to be removed from the forums asap, apparently FS has learned some lessons. As to them taking action against the idiot, that’ll be a mystery. Hope they did though.

Why would you be banned for this post? Bit of a victim complex or something? “I’ll take the bullet and get banned”? You think you’re some sort of counter-culture rebel for standing up against racism? Lmao.

You can report on their website. I don’t know if they take video evidence as evidence though since it’s pretty easy to tamper things like this. No idea if they log voice chat.

I’ll try and be as polite as possible to you, difficult though it may be.
I’m afraid you’re speaking from an, uhm, let’s say uninformed position. There have already been players banned for posting about such topics in this manner. Even content creators. For what I know they were subsequently unbanned, but that wouldn’t have necessarily been the case for me.
If one doesn’t know one shouldn’t speak, especially in such a flippant manner.
I did report the case on their main website now, thanks.

PS: I know I was being slightly frivolous with the “biting the bullet” statemented, it was intended as a bit of comic relief.


OK apparently you’ve read every post everywhere and know everything, sorry, I was not aware of this.

there isn’t an in-game report button because this fanbase frankly cannot act properly with those things and will flag people every game for bad team comp or non-meta weapon picks.

You might not get banned for it, but you are still not supposed to “name and shame”.

I’ve no compassion for the guy. Inexcusable. It was not a slip or something, he repeated it multiple times. I’m not asking for a witch hunt, I’m asking for a ban in a videogame.

There’s ways to mitigate that kind of behavior. You could limit the number of reports per week for instance and also make it so that if there’s even the slightest whiff of reporting because of “the other player not playing the way I think they’re supposed to” it could be seriously punishable.
On top of that, if somebody does it many times, their report could be devalued and wouldn’t be worth anything. In a way “shadow banned” out of the report feature.

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