Report button when?

Where is the report button in this game? There’s an idiot spamming the general chat with misogynistic and antisemitic comments saying they hate women, they are hitler and they want to exterminate all marxists. We shouldn’t tolerate these types of sh*t anywhere, we just want to play a freaking game without engaging with pathetic edgelords.

you can contact fatshark staff privately, calling someone out openly, against forum guidelines

If it bothers you that much, then make some effort and report it to fatshark comm managers directly, with evidence.

I suppose it’s not that simple to just “add the button”.
Some people will have to investigate those reports and waste a lot of time on it. Since players will, most likely, to report everyone they didn’t like for whatever reason. Because it takes no effort to press a button in game.

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hit the print screen quick like to capture what he’s saying and then report it with details after the battle.