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I had an experience in Darktide, where I would like to give feedback.

I joined a mission, I was alone in my party matched with a party of two and one more random player. The random player was making ideal chit-chat. The team was progressing with little issue. After some progression and some more chit-chat the party of two started to type profanity and swears. I honestly can get over them asking to not talk so much but they continued to affect our game. They would slow progression and type profanity at the team. At extraction they wouldn’t end the mission and proceeded to type more slurs in chat and not finish the mission. Eventually they fell to enemies, and we were able to force extraction after 5 or so minutes of this. The two players continued to type profanity and racial slurs in the chat at the end of mission within the overall mission debriefing screen.
My first concern there is no report button. These players can say anything and not be held accountable, I did take screen sceenshots of their words and names but have no where to send it.
My second concern is when I went to block these players, I went to the previous mission section in Darktide,but it did not show these players. These players remained unblocked and now have the possibility of playing with them again. I should be able to choose to not play with these players again but now are forced to have to even with the block function available.


Only thing to do right now is see if you can flag a CM and show them what happened. The Discord server might be an alright place, or you could try DMing them.

There’s a reason most modern “live service” online games have some form of content moderation in place, but Fatshark seems determined to do without.

or they don’t have enough people for that right now. report systems tend to be abused by people who likes to report everyone they don’t like. so finding meaningful reports among all others will be quite a work.
they will figure out this evetualy, i think.

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