Bot suggestions to fix them and make them more immersive (possibly adding features)

you have some good ideas, but they will never be added to the game. the best we can hope for is that fatshark ALLOWS modders to improve them and sanction those mods. the easiest way for fatshark to improve the bots is to just let modders do it. that way they dont have to

bots should be completely invisible to unaggroed patrols. bots should be unable to aggro patrols no matter what. i have had enough runs being ruined just because the bots decide to chase a special and then proceeds to walk through the patrol. i dont care if its unimmersive or not, bots should not end a run due to bot stupidity.

bots should have their priorities fixed. having 3 bots attack a monster under a horde and specials is just stupid. the bots should focus on the horde and specials unless they are being attacked by the monster.

bots should be aggressive while still being near the player. its so annoying when 1 bot barely do anything under a horde while 2 others just attack a few enemies at a time unless they get attacked.

bots should have their leap ult use improved. they are using it way to rare and almost only against specials. bots cant stop mid leap too so sometimes they will go way too far and be picked off without the player being able to save it.

sometimes when i play on cata, there are no players who join, so i have to run the entire mission until i most likely wipe. its often really frustrating when bots are just unable to stay alive and kill stuff.

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I agree.

That’s why I think the ‘bot buff’ thing would be the best way to go about it. Bots buff the player so you don’t have to rely on them. Seems like an easier fix to me than changing their AI.

i dont think there need to be put much work into improving the bots.

make them unable to aggro patrols that arent aggroed.
sanction the impuls control mod.
change the priorities for bots so that they are better when against a horde and monster.
increase their aggressivness while also staying close to a player.
if there are 2 players in a match, have each player constantly having a bot that follows him.
reduce their teleport range to half of what it is now.
make bots unable to walk off ledges unless they are pushed off, or just make them not able to fall of ledges, whatever is the easiest.

most of the suggestions i came with shouldnt be hard to implement, and would fix most of the annoyances with bots.


It’s because bots should be an additional difficulty at a certain point, it’s a coop game you are meant to play with players. What’s the point of doing cata pub if bots are just as good as a pub team and you can also predict how they will behave and they don’t stray away from you. Btw “Come Here” command forces bots to come to you.

Exagerrating again, pickup mechanism in the game actually works well, you tell the bot to pick something up, he will do it sooner or later(in this case he will do it remotely).

Thats what i’m saying, i don’t want bots to be better then players, but i don’t want to play solo either, it seems you are treating bots as a seperate gamemode, when thats not what they are intended to be. Like it would remove challenge to fix bots?, bots in cata are literally that, just with a little more room to make mistakes, unless they bug out and don’t res. Also the come here command doesn’t seem to make them come to me and ignore their current thing they are doing, once they run off and there is a patrol, i’m spamming that command so much and nothing happens? Is that just me?

Also yes, 10 times is exagerating. It’s not consistent, if a bot gets stuck it won’t pickup ammo, maybe it got fixed recently idk, but before this was the case. If it got fixed good, even if it removed some challenge for you by fixing it.

This doesn’t excuse how big the difficulty spike is (especially in QP, which seems like it should be more casual). If you die once, the match is over.

Also it’s only Cata where this is even an issue. Your argument of ‘bots better than players’ actually applies to any other difficulties. On Legend the bots actually steamroll, making it easier and more reliable to play with them. In the changes I’ve suggested, I mentioned this and mentioned that they can be tweaked depending on difficulty.

Players who want difficulty always have the option to play true solos on the mod server. I’m playing QP because I want to chill and play with other people. At the minute the system has a big flaw in player population downtime.

They could still keep that difficulty if they wanted by making private matches not have the same bot strength as QP would as an option.

Noone is asking for them to be better than players.

I’ve just done 2 Cata matches where I didn’t get someone until almost the end of the map. It’s not me trying to abuse the game by having OP bots, it’s literally noone joining forcing me to play with them, and have previously had hours where a player never joins.

Why should I have a huge unforgiving difficulty spike because no players are on?

Why should I have to spend the entire match babysitting bots?

It also becomes frustrating with players who are inexperienced with Cata bots, because they don’t know how to play with them. This means that the bots die, and then you’re doing duos with no comms where you’re not guaranteed comp synergy.

It’s at the point where no bots and then buffs depending on how many players would be preferable.


Yep, bots not handling specials properly, chasing after specials with melee weapons, and not using ranged weapons on them have long been an issue since 2018. Related prior feedback posts:

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I don’t mind bots pulling patrols, it’s what I do in every situation anyways. You can’t let enemies walk away like that, who knows how much damage those chaos warriors could do? It’s only righteous to kill them, it’s the just thing to do.


on legend that is not as huge of a problem as it is on cata. when chaos warriors have double health than their legend versions and the bots arent able to dodge more then one attack at a time then it basically becomes you alone against a patrol. stormvermin patrol isnt that bad as long as you are prepared, but when iron breaker bot pulls it throw a wall while there is a horde and monster around then it is a bit difficult to survive.

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Ironbreaker pulling a patrol is perfect. I’ve killed Chaos patrols on Cataclysm with just bots, during a horde, as FK with sword & shield. IB just holds everything for 15s, Zealot then gets huddled and refuses to die, Unchained pumps tHP, I get to just beat on everything. It’s nice.

Yea using as bait, thats the strat. you use bots to just take aggro away from you.

My opinion is that stronger bot are not really needed. We need useful ones who are not simples running around chasing any skirt they see and that when it’s the moment, stand still staring at the infinite.

I like the idea of having some archetypes coded. Maybe something along the lines of Ranged, Assassin, Frontline and Tanks?

Only the ranged careers would snipe specials and use some of their ammo and ults on bosses. Assassins would focus heavily on bosses and elites. Frontline would focus on crowd control, clearing hordes, protecting ranged careers while shooting? And Tanks would focus on aggroing bosses, elites, patrols and crowd control if none of those are present.

This I think would create an experience more similar to playing with actual people, and would fix some of these issues as well


Agree with everyone and everything said, fix those damn bots.

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Just showing how annoying they are… Why is the Saltz bot running about with ranged out for no reason?

When they do this, they ignore enemies right next to them, so you’ll constantly get wooshes or hit in the back, turn around and see a bot with their ranged out.

When enemies come towards the group, the bots will run away from them to get behind you, leading Elite attacks into the players.

(I died at the tower and didn’t respawn lol)


Just this day I had a situation where I was disabled by an assassin and I got downed. Ironbreaker bot was the only one alive. He knocked the assassin off of me and killed it. And then he legit walked away to kill a special far away. Nothing on me, I could have been revived just fine, but the bot literally just walked away. I kid you not.


Very relatable, happens all the time. Bots sometimes decide to just straight up not revive. Sometimes all 3 just stand around downed me doing nothing…


it would be nice if fatshark would actually allow modders to improve the bots, and sanction the mods


First of all, they should not chase the specials.

Second, they should use their ranged weapons in “range”.


I mean.
I can live with bots not dealing extreme amounts of damage but at champion it becomes obvious that they are not up to snuff.

Sometimes, they stand in front of enemies and ignore them, sometimes they seem to be “locked on” to some enemy we can’t even see.

Since the last update on Xbox, they became extra speshul and now jump off edges and get stuck everywhere possible.

Its OK when whey act braindead on veteran but champion itself is enough of a step up without the bots constantly being totally brain dead.

To (losely) quote Blackadder. “If cannibals was to crack open their skulls, they won’t find enough in it to cover a water bisquit.”