Fix bots or buff players when they're with bots

I want to play the game and I can’t. I have 30 people added who play Vermintide 2, and none of them play anymore. QP is dead.

When someone finally joins, the bots randomly only follow them while they stand in sh*t positions and throw the match.

Make Cata free or something.



I cba actually. Just watched a hook rat walk 40 ft up to all 3 bots, and then catch the bot, with no other enemies in sight. They just don’t do anything at all.


Ironic that now they steal your ammo pouches to boot.

Cata with bots feels like banging your head against the wall with a lot of classes but don’t know what there’s left to say here. I think best hope is another mod comes along ala V1 and cleans up more of their worst behaviours then hopefully gets sanctioned at some point. I’m not sure if the currently sanctioned bot mod even does much at this point other than them sometimes tagging things.


the bots could certainly use a more uhhh robust(?) AI



Cata is the rarified atrmosphere of this game. If you’re up there congrats and you’re probably in the top 1-2% of the players.

IF you’re only playing with bots you might have more luck getting a modder to help out rather than hoping FS make Cata free or something.

Problem is, if you’re not such a good player to be in CATA(you’re good enough to be there but others aren’t), the bots are crap at Legend too. Every now and then zealot pulls something out of the bag but on the whole they’re just crap at Champ+.

I don’t think they’ve had an update since VT1 as they can only dodge-dance Ogre, so any hope of a sudden AI boost is like asking for the moon.

As this seems to have Tilted you quite a lot to the point you’re making fairly repetitive posts about it, you might want to find another way to ramp up your challenge.

The problem is, I paid money for the DLC with this difficulty in it. If it’s offered as a DLC it should be officially supported, and have changes made to it when it’s not working.

E.g. in my case, people aren’t joining, and 3 bots combined do 25% of the total damage.

The ONLY reason I’m playing with bots or pointing to it as a problem, is because players aren’t joining. I specifically join Quickplay.

I’m not trying to play a harder difficulty or make the game more challenging. I’m just trying to play the most casual version of the highest official difficulty.

The worst thing about them is that other players make them worse if they don’t know how to babysit them. Which shouldn’t ever be the case. So sometimes 1 player joining can be worse than none at all.

Compare this to Legend, where the bots make it possible to ignore half of the enemies in the map, because their priority system doesn’t get overwhelmed by the amount of spawns.

The fact that the player takes more risk, and if they die, the match is over, is the cherry on the cake.

Giving the player a % health buff, depending on how many bots are active in Cata Quick Play would help.

Yeah, instead of getting to the end event with bots and wiping because all 3 of them chase a gas rat again, I make new threads.

That’s the opposite of what my thread is about.


Hell, bots have me tilted, too.

I run Merc, IB, and UC (or WHC) most days. I will see them shoot Stormvermin until they’re out of ammo, but they’re incapable of shooting specials 9/10 encounters. That’s such a bruh moment. I’m so tired of seeing bots jump off cliffs, run away from host, and abandoning hordes to melee specials.

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This is the juxtaposition that is causing you grief I think. I’m not sure how you can play maximum difficulty casually.

I’m not Kitten, but Cata difficulty isn’t really max difficulty for this game. It’s still casual and fun to a degree. There’s still Twitch and Weave craziness that’s pretty far out there.

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The point is you’re both talking about difficulties that are MILES beyond the capabilities of most players, let alone bots.

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I think what he meant with casual version, is that quickplay cata is the most casual gamemode in cata.
Twitch/deeds/weeklies are all less casual, if that makes sense.

quickplay is mostly considered “casual”. So if playing cata that makes it casual version of the highest official difficulty.

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I can’t tell if bots are worse than they were in V1 or if Fatshark didn’t update their behaviors to effectively attack the new enemies.

Have you seen the bots fight a Chaos Spawn? They take turns getting picked up and eaten :man_facepalming:

Seems like the bots were programmed to be more Artificial than Intelligent…

EDIT: bots are worse here than in V1… just had the GK bot jump off 2 cliffs during Fort Burgertown. There weren’t even any enemies around. He just suicided…

I’m starting to question how the bots were programmed.
-Saltz bot loves aggro’ing patrols
-Krubz bot loves suiciding
-Bardin bot loves getting stuck and dancing (wiggling when trying to walk)
-Sienna bot loves venting when there is no overcharge to vent
-Elf bot loves having bow out and dies to horde because bows can’t block


Sometimes it seems like bots roll upfront how helpful, or derpy they want to be. I saw bots perfectly dodge dance a Ratogre and next time they just get squished, them 360 noscoping specials with handguns, or hunting them down like they are on a mission. The most frustrating thing is probably their completely goofed revive behavior. I just cant help to roll eyes when an IB Bot casts Impenetrable and continues to trample on your corpse.

I can live with them sucking at blocking overheads and plays that seem like they are to drunk to find the keyboard, but stuff like revives and silly use of potions kind of annoys me.


The ONLY reason I’m playing with bots or pointing to it as a problem, is because players aren’t joining.

For me, solo-play was never just an option, but the only way. I have known this for all years, and I will never change my mind.

But when they created this apotheosis of “forced socialization” - WoM DLC year ago …
I regret all the time wasted on Weaves - where I must to play with “live players”. Not one crap frame is worth it!
Even Quickplay Weaves with bots would be a nice mode for me, but bots have broken - some of their traits not work in Weaves, and most importantly - Quickplay Weaves cannot even be made private!

The same thing happens all the time, as mentioned above - random joins, takes the place of a bot, ruin the game, leave and nothing can be done to protect MY Private Solo game from this!

The problem is, I paid money for the DLC with this difficulty in it. If it’s offered as a DLC it should be officially supported, and have changes made to it when it’s not working.

In other words, this damn DLC needs to be fixed at all points, not only about Cata. It’s nonsense to pay money for something that is impossible to play normally.

Also, Bots should at least be fixed, if not improved - in all game modes. This I will always approve, it’s vital.

I do wish weaves were fixed somehow - but it’s unlikely they will be, expecially since it seems even the seasons are being scrapped (that or S4 is quite late).

I can usually play decently with bots, but yeah, they struggle on cata as soon as a boss comes around.
Their biggest problem is pathfinding, in my opinion. Yesterday I was finishing garden of morr on legend, the bots just got stuck in the goo and died…


That’s because you have to go right and go counterclockwise. If you go left, the bots will just stand in the pool until they die.

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its not only bugs that ruin solo or duo with bots on cata but also questional design decisions like:

bots mostly/only focusing on a monster/boss even when there is a horde around too.
bots trying to melee specials or walk close to them to shoot.
bots being able to aggro patrols (run into them or use their ult), despite the player avoiding it and outside of aggro range.
bots randomly following a player, instead of trying to follow a lone player if there are 2 other players on the team or following 1 player each if there is 2 players and 2 bots on the team.

i wish fatshark would just let modders improve the bots. fatshark dont even need to check through the code or anything. they can appoint trusted community members like how they appoint steam moderators. these trusted people could then handle the mod sanctioning by going through the code, check if it complies with the rules fatshark have set and then send it do a developer who will then sanction the mod.

we could then have a somewhat healthy modding community, be able to get perhaps new mods sanctioned monthly and fatshark would spend little to no time and resources on it. it would be a win for everyone. onslaught could even be put into the weekly event rotation, letting people play it in the official realm.


Yeah, not sure why bots dont scale with difficultly.
Almost every game has that feature, and if this game does have that feature, oh boy does it need a buff.


The easiest fix for it is to just give a certain amount of buffs to the player depending on how many bots are present. Preferrably health/DMGR, to make the 75% of the damage you have to deal less difficult.

Make it only apply to Quickplay, so that people don’t just do private matches.

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Thanks for the info!
But that really illustrates my point :slight_smile:

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And bh bot loves to imitate wutelgi. Literally standing and taking hits from trash near him

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