[Suggestion] Either improve bots, or sanction the bot AI mod

Some of us like to play with bots sometimes. I’ve done so since VT1. Sometimes after a workday, I don’t want to play with other people. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to put together a premade group, and I’m not touching pubs with a ten foot clown pole.

But the way bots perform in VT2 is absurd. I’ve had bots endlessly (and fruitlessly) run towards warpfire throwers trying to melee them while getting burned to death. Bots refuse point blank to follow the player into a better area for fighting the boss, instead insisting on fighting a troll in the tiny little corridor at the start of Convocation of Decay. The general refusal to use ranged weapons on specials in particular makes my head hurt.

In VT1, the QoL Bots were significantly more powerful. Some say too powerful, but I don’t agree. They were about as good as decent human players. Okay, maybe the speed with which they put down specials was a touch overtuned, but aside from that, they were fine.

Even the Vanilla bots from the first game were not this helpless.

Aside from the combat improvements, I’d definitely like it to be possible to force book pickups on bots.

Please? Pretty please?


And they are unable to judge using healing items … one true episode I had a few weeks ago:

3 Players and Bot-Kruber “into the Nest” … I was at 20% HP, arrived at a MedPack and waited for the other two players to arrive and heal (one with skull, one with grim and skull) … and BotKruber picks up the Medpack and heals himself although having around 50% HP.
We all wtf in the chat … it was so nooby and selfish, that it was already funny. :wink:


Bots shouldn’t be as good as decent human players.

They’re actually very good and better than 90% of the whole playerbase. Maybe even 95%…
With the melee-buff from the beta Patch , they’re even able to kill a boss without the player.
Just play with your bots and you’ll be able to finish every legendary run.

Improved bots would kill/split the community. There would be more ppl like you, playing in 4 man grps or just solo with bots. Newcomer would be pretty alone and the playerbase probably would fall.
This is/ should be a coop-game, so the bots shouldn’t be better than anyone else. They’re fine in their current state and solo players should live with the disadvantage (grim/tome) in a coop-game.


I wish at least bot should take tome and grim


Current bots picking up grims, are you kidding me? better to discard it yourself and be done with it than letting bots have it.

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rofl if current bots picked up grims and tomes, i think i would actually prefer to play with bots.

at least bots stick with you instead of running off solo and dying all the time

if you are truly skilled player you can do 3t 2g with bot in legend

me and my friend sometimes doing legend with private

there is no problem with 2 bot because all you need to do is killing special, elites and boss quickly

edit. we even do okri challenge with 2 bot + 3 tome 2 grim if you want i can upload my screenshot to prove

You need 2 players, tanky bots and a lack of health drops after picking up the second tome to make this work.

nah bring hagbane and hurt yourself for taking healing supplies

we did level challenge for my friend

we did level challenges what he didn’t do

empire in flames, war camp, hunger in the dark, fort brachenbruke, festering ground and screaming bell

bots are fine if you care them so i just want them to take tome and grim without hurting them

I totally agree with you!

But even if we still have to carry the bots, I will be happy as long as they carry a grim and a couple of tomes in return!

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running legend with well equipped tank bots is perfectly viable. you kind of just need to position them well so they dont get outflanked. they’ll naturally form a 3 man wall around the player - so you can let them tank hordes while the player keeps a look out for specials and chaos warriors. bots are great at handling hordes, some bosses, and can to some extent deal with specials and elites. but not all at the same time

I agree with both of you, actually. Those who think the bots are useful and those who think they are not.

Why? Because bots are inconsistent.

Some rounds, you can solo any level with them and some other times… They are just stupid. They are able to destroy Rat Ogres and Trolls, but behave like total noobs against chaos spawns, always letting the thing grab them and not using bombs or ults to rescue allies in danger.

I have been doing Champion Runs to get the skins lately. In BETA, there was not many people playing vanilla levels so I had to create my own and play it with bots (All my charas are LV30 PL 600) With Sienna, I had no problem at all. Smooth and buttery. But when I switched to Viktor OMG. A spike in difficulty. I did not understand it until I finished Viktor’s challenge and switched to Kruber: Salty’s bot (As a BH) is awesome! He destroys bosses, specials and hordes. I have my Kruber also set as a sniper. Why doesn’t the bot snipe specials the same way?

TLDR: Bots are very inconsistent and some of them are more resourceful than others.


OP admits he let hacked in superbots carry him in the first game, why should we listen to him?

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I just cheated the loot system completely giving me the items I wanted and it was lot’s of fun this way. Being able to test out everything you want making new builds that’s how it should be.

I wish bots would grab tomes and grims if you ping them, wait till a bit lower on health before using health, and shoot specials instead of only using melee.

They can be rather stupid at times…

However, as long as you are aware of their weaknesses and position them correctly they are quite capable.

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Bot’s shouldn’t have to be worse than decent players either.

Bot’s =/= guaranteed wins on legendary runs. Far from it with their savant-ism; the best way to play with bots is learning the nuances of where they are gonna behave in a totally insane manner. That takes multiple runs and learning from wipes.
This isn’t even a debatable point either. The latest patch included a lot of ‘hardcoding’ for fixing spots where the bots are known to mess up.

This whole “X will kill/split the community” meme needs to just die already along with this game’s playerbase.
The community is already split or dead

I fail to be convinced that somehow more ways to play a non-competitive game could lead to less players. Whether it’s playing solo, duo, trio, a full group, speedrunning, glitching/cheesing, farming, ect they are all valuable ways for this game to be enjoyed and should be viable.
The newcomer is already pretty alone and the playerbase has already fallen. I was a ‘newcomer’ you could say when I started playing this game. I have bought 6 copies for my friends and they all quit playing very soon after starting. Most of the people I play with, with any form of regularity are randoms I have met and added to my friendslist on Steam.
There’s no good reason for penalizing solo players with savant bots and a grim/tome handicap. You can get rid of the ‘tome handicap’ by managing health well; but that’s just a frustrating part of an already broken system. Bots will snipe healing from you way more than players ever will. The only real penalty of solo play IS that the bots are broken and terrible. You can get 3 tomes 1 grim pretty consistently if you’re good at outfitting your bots and running a certain level. Which should be a respectable skill in itself; you have to have all your bots level 30 and geared properly to run legend solo with them decently. You also need to know the nuances of spots/situations where the bots will behave in a silly manner.

You say that like it’s a bad thing which is why I believe you, Fatshark, and other fanboys (read as: ppl like you) seem to just hate it when people have fun in a way they don’t.


So who are decent players? Top 5%? top 2%? top 0,1%?
The bots are better than the most players and don´t even die on lower difficulties than legend. Even there they´re strong in the most situations.

Yes and they shouldn´t be one.

It´s not.

This game is still meant to be a coop-game.

No it´s not and no.

Stop that “i want this, i want that mimimi”. If you´ve to play any other game or even in real life, someone will tell you, how things work / should work.
If you want to drink a coffee at starbucks, you´ve to pay for it and can´t say “but i want it for free, so let me.” You obviously can´t play FIFA with a basketball, CoD without killing anyone or enjoy PVE in PvP only games.

If FS wants a coop-game and design it as a coop-game, they probably don´t want solo- / speedrunners. Where is the problem to understand such things? This isn´t FS or Vermintide or me or someone else. This is life, get over it.

Well atleast i didn´t bought this game for 6 friends, who let me alone here and i wouldn´t play this game anymore, if i would be such disappointed like you about nearly everything in this game.
So who is a real fanboy?

Here we go again…

We could go in-depth on what makes a good player yada yada and various nuances that more skilled players do. However that’s not gonna get us very far.
If bots are better than most players that just your opinion and experience. I’ve got a different opinion on that and different experience in that regard.
As for not dying on difficulties lower than legend that’s also not true in my experience. I’ve got more experience on Legend but you can certainly wipe on Champion.

I never said they should be. Bots are inconsistent and horrible savants capable of ruining and saving runs in ludicrous ways.
You’re the one who implied bots are a guaranteed win on legend. While also stating that legend is the only difficulty they die on. So figure out your own stance before drawing conclusions about mine.

More wonderful opinions. We could go in depth on this as well to no real benefit. Whatever adjective you wanna use to describe the small, dwindling amount of players is fine.

You sure say that a lot as though it has some meaning behind it that you understand. I’ve never seen you put that meaning into words, I don’t think. I can agree with you here, the game is made to be a co-op game. That doesn’t change much or anything for me though. You can co-op speedrun, duo is co-op, trio is co-op, ect.

You are silly and adorable. There’s not even a response for this; your analogy is nonsense.

Haha what? Soccerballs and basketballs are mutually exclusive? You’re off your rocker with that one duder. Where I grew up if you wanted to play soccer and all you had was a basketball you could make due, and really with no problems at all. Imagine a kid who passionately refuses to play soccer with his friends because they aren’t using the ‘correct’ ball. There is a seven letter diagnosis people would probably give that kid. If I type it here I’ll probably get flagged again though.
There are so many silly ways to play CoD; maybe you just don’t enjoy it aside from the ‘correct’ way. But I don’t wanna waste any more text space on these flat falling analogies.

Aye yi yi. Get off your high horse with your, ‘you’re a spoiled brat.’ Implications. It compounds with the broken English to make you sound stereotypical.

  1. The game is still a co-op game even when people play it in a slightly different way. Speedrunning and co-op aren’t mutually exclusive.
  2. I don’t have a problem with understanding anything you’re saying. I just don’t care about the argument that, ‘it’s Fatshark’s game and they can do what they want with it and we all have no say.’ Clearly this forum exists for people to come on here and give their opinions and feedback. Fatshark would be pretty directionless if the only comments they got were just positive and flowery praise about their game while they watched their playbase plummet and sales stagnate. If they didn’t have to worry about surviving as a company then yeah, they could make any game exactly how they want to. However it’s in their best interest to not run their franchises into the ground because we don’t exist in fantasyland. Get over it.

If this was an attempt to insult me or insinuate something the language barrier minced up the message.


No need to do that. It was just a fact.

Maybe you should start to care about any arguments or that this is FS´s game. You obviously got the first place on the hypetrain, if you´ve bought that game for 6 friends. Now you´re peed off of this game or how FS handle it.
Yes everyone can have his/her own opinion, but you´re just stubborn in yours. “I want, i want…” and that´s in nearly every thread. You really should take your announced time-out from this game, since it probably doesn´t make you happy anymore.

As long as you´re just rude and convinced from yourself, the minority / nobody will care about your opinion and thoughts and i don´t think FS can take you serious. (since some posts). So write down as much as you want, cry as loud as you want, call me silly or whatever.
You´re the last person here, i would care about. All i read from you convinced me, that you´re a lonely selfish guy, who just gets loud, if he doesn´t get what he wants.

So byebye Mr.

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