The current iteration of bots is a joke

Now that we have private lobbies, you can play for extended periods of time with bots, so let’s compare with VT2 bots on release.

DT: I have 0 control over what bots I get, I just get 2 completely random bots, with completely random gear and who knows if they even have feats.

VT: You have control over which bots you play with, their builds and their gear.

DT: Bots won’t pick up ammo, medkits or books, this one is rather big, as it makes it impossible to complete secondary objectives unless you have one player per book.

VT: You can command bots to grab potions, first aid kits, or books, they’ll even use them (not with peak efficiency, but it works), they’d even grab buff potions and give them to you when you used your potion.

VT2 bots were serviceable, even “good” to some degree, and they were already trash talked for being dumb, mods to improve their AI were released and often asked to be sanctioned (VT2 system to allow mods on the normal servers). So what’s gonna happen with DT bots? They are leagues dumber than VT2 bots, less customizable (not customizable at all), and we won’t have mods to fix them.

This is not acceptable, you keep doing things you’ve already done in the past, but tremendously worse.


They are dumber because they only eat corpse starch.

Could you please stop going off-topic on every thread in the forum?

I will have to disagree with your view that my reply was off-topic.

I don’t understand why we didn’t get the V2-style bot customization. It was perfectly serviceable and the bots were not too amazing nor too terrible, so the balance was about right.

Either let us use our existing characters as bots or at the very least let us customize those 3 bot slots, according to our current level! (Feats, gear and looks etc.) And also let us issue them rudimentary commands.

Also funnily enough, I am often getting triplets when playing solo lol. With the same voices too.

Can you imagine the horror of having 3 Veteran squadmates, who just won’t shut up about Cadia? :weary:


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They will also consume Medicae Stations with no regard if you need it too or not. So it actually makes you run ahead of them to Medicae Stations and have to consume quickly before they get there, or else too bad, your loss!
In VT2 they would never grab a healing potion if you didn’t have one yourself and they would not consume a med kit if you were in more need than they were. They would instead use it on you.

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I was able to test playing in pre-order-beta with 3 bots a lot.
After this it was very clear to me this game will not work very well if you want to play alone.
The whole game is based around teamplay (wich is a good thing), but this is also the reason why this do not work very well.
Also i noticed that they do not care a lot of ranged such as sniper, specials/elites or taking cover and so on.

But this is also not marked with a single player tag in steam, and for good reasons even if you could basicly play with 3 bots.
They already said they are not happy with the 1 player and 3 bots state, this is why they only will allow private partys with 2 bots if you chose a private game (just guessing this).

Most 4 player coop-games can be played with 3 bots, with darktide it just seems like this does not work very well atm.
Feels more like the AI just do not work right for this game, mostly because of the ranged enemies.

During the beta you couldn’t launch a mission until you had 4 players and players begged for bots.

Fatshark stated they didn’t like the quality of their bots so thats why they didn’t allow you to start a mission with bots.

Players continued to insist Fatshark should allow them to start missions with bots.

And now you can do missions with terrible bots that Fatshark did not want you using bc they are terrible in their current state.

The player base is literally shooting their own foot off and wondering why it hurts with some of this game’s issues.

Working bots have been made by fatshark for almost 10 years now, as VT1 had good working bots already.

They didn’t bother making them for DT, fine, I obviously complain about it.

Of course, they are terrible if no work is put into them, same as the store, the loot system, the crafting.

All of them valid complaints.

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At first I thought that these features were gone due to an engine rebuild, but we’re also seeing a lot of the same old Vermintide bugs so I’m not sure why bots are signifiantly worse in every possible way compared to the current itteration in V2.

So to translate:
“during the beta waiting time could get stupidly hight as player could take time to regroup and people like to play with the people they now even under four players as they did for years in vermintide 2, FS didn’t anticipate that and throw half assed bot in to compensate and the poor solution wasn’t enougth to satisfy those used to what they were able to do for years.”

that’s not about the community not knowing what they want, that’s about fatshark downgrading the game on multiple aspect compared to what a four years old game was able to offer even from the begining.


In short … the game is far away from release state with all that is wrong/unfinished sadly …

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