Please change at least one thing with AI BOTs (Follow humans priority)


Please make bots FOLLOW, we don’t care they can’t carry in fighting or when they make bad choices, but just force them to follow in all the cases, and if they get stuck they teleport to you. They are really boring ! They don’t even do this job, to say right they don’t do any job, only to make you die earlier !

I am very irritated with these bots under than low intelligence. They don’t even have the level of the brain of a fish ! Seriously.

Actually they don’t play with you, but against you, it is worse to have bots alive in high difficulties than having them dead, why?..

I am running the mod to improve their behavior and it’s still awefully low ! While you are walking forward, they still are far and far behind from you, they have a priority in fighting unusefull things !

Again please make them follow in priority ! That’s the basis.

Yes it is not a solo game, but sometimes you don’t have choice, you are getting alone or half, and you want still playing, and bots destroy your game (they still serve as meals to some Bosses, and alert patrols, etc.). The time wasted with them…

I know it’s running like this with VT1 but it’s bad, now it’s time to change.

Keep it up !

EDIT : They also have an unfortunate tendency to stand in front of you when you shoot…
they parasitize us from everywhere. And we have no way to kill them fast, or to remove them with a sanctionned mod.


@SEPHi27 Install mod for that. It can be a used in official realm

Hello mate,

Already done like written above, they’re still lagging behind… They never stay close to me.

They are programmed to give a priority to fighting, instead of anything else, even if you are dying in the ground, they’ll prefer fight the mess and let you die, for the cost you get wiped out. They are also “heal’stuff” stealers, and never heal themselves if they wear natural bond… there is a lack of programmation in them.

But like said, the most important is to tweak them again the way they always stay close to humans, anytime !


Did you look for that mod options tho?
I personally dont have much problems with AI with tjat mod enabled. They still do wierd stuff, like only melee asassin if he is pouncing already etc etc, but have kinda keep it mind. Best 4 bots and equip for them gonna be probably Merc with mace sword, whc with thp for team, ws elf,
slayer/ib handguns, pistols, stamina regen on trinket, and barkskin on neck (they tend to take spike damage and love to stay in poison gas) cdr on ults. I ve done bunch of back to basics deeds with bots only.
Note: for slayer equip dual hammers in first slot, cause he never change weapons and tend to get ting rekt by slaves with low cleave axes. Actually, never equip bots with low cleave weapons
Cant say they act good, but at least with mod with all 3 items checked in settings they are not that awful as vanilla ones.

Still have to keep in mind, they are bots. Stupid meat shields. And if you get yohrself in trouble they not gonna solve that trouble for you. Lucky if you gonna get saved from disabler, but better hug the wall all try to carry them with pyro/ball ws/hagbane

A genius play on Fatshark’s part to indirectly create incentive amongst the community to play with eachother.

Not to imply that the AI should just be left in the state they currently find themselves in, but personally I believe there are matters more important to look into than bot behavior, when that flaw can be made up for by playing with others (assuming the ones you play with are indeed better than the average bot, of course).

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Also, they can leave you when you need healing, or reviving, but when it’s between bots, they give it a priority too, bots before ! They leave fighting when one of their noob bot friend is K.O. and try the best to revive him… when it’s a human, they are focused in fighting first…

make the “come here” command work on bots, and if they are stuck the “come here” command teleports them to you.


simple solution.

Simple solution = find friends 4Head loooool

by “friends for head” you mean doctor’s pills? coming from personal experience, i guess… Technically speaking, though, playing with bots is more “simple” than playing with people, because you need to find these people first, and bots are always there for you. Personal example - i currently live in China and since i dont speak chinese its a bit problematic to verbally communicate with them. I play with bots and, as the topic starter asks, would not mind bots AI improved. So, please, Fatshark, consider this plea, take a moment and in the next coming update do tweak bots a bit, ok? thx.

I’ve had bos teleport across half the map to revive me and then teleport back to the other 2 humans who were fighting a boss. Don’t worry why I was halfway through the map, just elf things.

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4Head is the name of an emote on the streaming website,

There is no deeper meaning here. Dryen just spelled an emote name out loud.

For some reason that seems to be beyond my comprehension, Twitch emote names are somehow the pinnacle of human comedy.

Yep… its getting dull and boring now…

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